The Supreme Court on Thursday denied passing ‘Direction’ to permit Muharram Procession over the country in the middle of pandemic restrictions, saying this would lead to chaos. By giving direction, a particular community will be targeted for the spreading viruses as we cannot expose you to the risk.

Chief Justice Sharad Bobde addressed advocate Azim Laskar appearing for a famous Shia Cleric Syed Jawad. The Chief Justice verbally remarked a few days ago how the court finds it strange that Authorities are pleased to allow activities involving economic interest, but if any religious activities are involved, they mention the Pandemic situation. In the court, Mr. Azim drew attention towards the permission to devotees to access the annual chariot at Jagannath Puri Temple. ‘ in Jagannath puri case the court allowed the rath yatra from one point to another.

In such a case, the risk can be evaluated and predicted, but when it comes to the whole country, these risks cannot be evaluated.

How can we order for the whole nation? He crossed questioned, Mr. Azim Laskar. The Chief Justice said that Ganesh Chaturthi was not allowed in Tamil Nadu, Mr. Azim Laskar the mentioned how the court gave consent to Jain Temples for the occasion of Paryushan.  The CJI replied that only three specific temples were allowed in Mumbai, and only five people at a time. The order was for only specific Jain temples, and the order did not extend to the whole other temples.

Reported By : Mohammad Zahid

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