The famous yoga guru, Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali had launched a medicine named Coronil in June 2020 claiming that it can cure Covid-19 but later on it was being sold as immunity idoliser.

The Apex court on 27 August 2020 on Thursday rejected a petition which seeks to restrain Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. from using the trademark ‘Coronil’. The issue arose when a private firm named Arudra Engineers Private Limited, claimed that the trademark ‘coronil’ belongs to them and they have the ownership of it.

The plea was filled in Supreme Court for hearing of interim order passed by the Madras High Court. The bench was headed by Chief Justice of India Arvind Bobde.

Earlier the Madras High Court imposed a fine amounting to Rs.10 lakh and restrained Pantanjali from using the trademark ‘coronil’. Furthermore, the Court said that Patanjali has exploited the fear and tensions among the society of Covid-19 by advertising heavily that its product ‘Coronil’ is the cure of COVID-19 without taking any tests. The bench further added that the company is still running behind profits by exploiting the interest of innocent people and by manipulating people in the name of ‘Coronil’ which is only an immunity booster for cough, cold and fever, and not a medicine to cure COVID-19.

The Supreme Court rejected the plea and ordered them to pursue the matter before High Court bench only.

The bench has scheduled the hearing in September.

Reported By : Somya Goyal

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