Nayee Soch Society’s contempt petition was dismissed by the Delhi High Court. The petition claimed that the Delhi government, according to the court’s order had not served free meals. The petition claimed that the number of people affected due to this was 8 lakhs.

The government informed Justice Sanjiv that, to all eligible people it was making rations available. The eligibility depended on Aadhaar cards, Voter ID cards, etc. The government, in its report to the Delhi High Court, said that the food was distributed from the nearest Fair Price Shops available.

The court directed in its earlier case that:

  • The procedure for getting ration should be simplified for the needy
  • Looking to the need of the public in large, the policy decisions should also be simplified, if needed.
  • The change in policy decisions, if made, should be notified to the Fair Price Shop owners timely.  The court also said, “moreover, the statements made by the respondents No.2 and 3 may also be present in their affidavit or advisory to all the fair price shop owners in Delhi so that the statement of respondents No.2 and 3 can be implemented effectively and the benefit of the simplified policy decision of the respondents can reach to the people who need ration.”

In the present case, the government in its statement said that the procedures to get the food grains have been simplified and the same has also been provided to the person who needs food but does not possess a ration card.

Reported By : Pranjal Mundhra

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