About the Organisation

LawDiktat is a legal technology project by Alpha AI, an AI research company that aims to bridge the gap between how law and technology interact with each other. 

As part of this initiative, the team envisions providing a supportive atmosphere for Indian citizens where they can consult or hire one of the best Indian lawyers according to their requirements and needs.

On the whole, LawDiktat is a broad umbrella that attempts to include all aspects of the legal profession. We not only assist individuals but also entrepreneurs, startups, small and large businesses as well as corporations.

About the event

India is home to a large variety of wildlife. From the Himalayas in the north to the Mangroves Forest in the south, we can see the incredible range of biodiversity here. But due to increasing human activities, the wildlife is getting affected badly. It is important to impart to people the knowledge on why we need to protect the wildlife. 

In this webinar, we shall discuss the fundamentals of the wildlife protection act, its relevance concerning increasing threats to the environment, as well as important topics that can affect nature in the long run.

About the speaker

Mehak is passionate about advocating environmental rights from the start of her journey as a lawyer. She holds a master’s degree in Environment and Natural Resources Law from TERI School of Advanced Studies. She has worked with ELDF and is currently engaged as a Program Associate with A-PAG. After working closely on environmental issues, she realized that it is important to implement necessary action plans, which form the basis for any law/policy developments.

Session Date and Timings 7:00 PM / 3rd March 2022

Last Date to Register 2nd March 2022

Registration Link https://forms.gle/fFMzFWxHxKgUvcmk6 


  1. Participation certificate to all. (T&C Applied) 
  2. Live query session with the expert
  3. Free of Cost.

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For any query, please call us on +91 88470 77236

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