Webinar on “Strategies for Running And Promoting An Efficient Virtual Hearing” by Legisnations : Register Now!!

About the Organiser: 

Kumar Rishabh Parth (Founder Legisnations)

Arush Agarwal (Founder Legisnations)

Legisnations is a social platform where writers integrate their efforts to write on the various economic, social, political and legal issues happening all around the world. An issue happening around the world is magnified by the complexities in the way it is presented and it is crucial to decipher and break it down to the above four aspects.


Legisnations International Centre for Arbitration, Mediation, and Research (LICAMR) seeks to serve as a think-tank to generate awareness about arbitration law in theory and in practice and also carry out high-quality research in the field to assist policy-formulation by the Government. The Centre also intends to  serve as  a  platform for imparting professional training to  the stakeholders in the field of arbitration and cater to all areas of Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation especially the niche areas.

Theme: Strategies for Running And Promoting An Efficient Virtual Hearing

Guest Speakers: 

(1) Mr Nivesh Sharma – Founding Partner at Prudens Globus Legal Solution

(2) Prof. Steve NGO – President, Beihai Asia, International Arbitration Centre

(3) Mr Shaun Pereira – Associate at Shearman and Sterling LLP

(4) Mr Angad Sandhu – Partner at PSL Advocates & Solicitors


  1. Mr. Kumar Rishabh Parth – Co-Founder, LegisNations
  2. Mr. Arush Agarwal – Co-Founder, LegisNations
    1. Eligibility: Any Person whether Student or Professionals.
    2. Register Here: https://forms.gle/4obYBC3R22qHqAa56 
    3. Registration Fee : FREE
    4. Time: 3:00 PM
    5. Date: 9th August, 2020
    6. Contact Details: licamr@legisnations.com 

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