The Law Society, Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is organizing an All India Independence Day Quiz Competition to raise awareness about Constitutional Law, Constitutional History and General History related to the Indian Independence Movement. 

About the University

Aligarh Muslim University is a central University in Aligarh, India, which was originally established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan as the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental (MAO) College in 1877. The MAO College later became Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.

About the Faculty

The Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University is one of the oldest Departments in India. The teaching of Law in AMU was introduced in the year 1883. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the Founder was greatly impressed by the Programme of Legal Education in British Universities. So he was very keen to have legal education on that pattern in AMU also.

In 1960, the Department of Law came into being into a full-fledged Faculty. Credit goes to Late Prof. Hafizul Rehman (who was also the first Dean) to develop a modern curriculum and research programme. Infact he was the architect of the present Faculty of Law.

About the Quiz

The competition is open to all students presently enrolled in any undergraduate level course in India.

The Quiz will be conducted through two rounds: the Preliminary Round and the Main Round.

Important Date

Preliminary Round – 14/08/2020

Subject Focus 

The theme of the quiz would be Independence Day. The subjects from which the questions will be asked from the participants will be:

  1. Constitutional Law
  2. Constitutional History
  3. History related to the Indian Independence Movement.

The idea is to increase awareness among the general students with respect to above-mentioned subjects.

General Conduct of the Competition

The Preliminary Round will be conducted on an online platform, the details of which shall be mailed to the participants upon registration.

Participants will be required to fill a Google Form, with their name, year of study, institute, email address (very important as login credentials will be sent here), and phone number.

The link to the Google Form:

The Preliminary Round will consist of 50 Multiple-Choice Questions, without any negative marking, with a total allotted time of 15 minutes. The platform will go live for a duration of 1 hour at the fixed time, allotted to the participants, to login to play the quiz.

The top six highest scorers will progress to the Main Round. 

The date and time for the Main Round will be announced after the declaration of results of the Preliminary Round. The six highest scorers who qualify for the Main Round will be sent an email with the date, time, and details of the Main Round. 

The Main Round will be a live online quiz conducted through video-conferencing. The students will be participating live with a moderator posing questions to them. The rules of the Main Round will be explained to the six participants 30 minutes before the round, although an email with details will be sent to them over the email as mentioned above. 

Registration Fee

There is NO registration fee for this event.

Prizes and Certificates

First Prize – Rs. 1000

Second Prize – Rs. 600

Third Prize – Rs. 400

The winners will be provided a certificate certifying the position that they held in the competition. 

All of the top six students that qualify for the Main Round will be given a participation certificate along with a certificate certifying that they had qualified for the Main Round. 


Any person studying in any undergraduate course, in any recognised college or university, situated in India is eligible to register and participate in the competition. 


The language of the competition shall be English.


If any participant is found guilty of cheating, or using any means that aids them unfairly in any way, he or she will be disqualified with immediate effect and his participation certificate will also be cancelled. 


The interested candidates can register through a Google Form, which will stay functional till 13.08.2020.  

Finality of decision

All decisions on the interpretation and implementation of these rules shall be taken by the organising committee and will be binding on all the participants of this competition.

The Google Form may be accessed here. 


Prof. Mohd Shakeel Ahmed (Samdani)

Dean, Faculty of Law &CPresident, Law Society, AMU


Prof. Mohammad Ashraf

Department of Law, AMU


Samreen Ahmed

Vice President

Abdullah Samdani


Kashif Sultan

Moot Court Secretary


Kaif Siddiqui

Mobile Number: +91-8057729256

Afif Khan 

Mobile Number: +91-7302238157

Akash Ranjan Goswami

Mobile Number: +91-8218839935

Sabeeh Ahmad

Mobile Number: +91-9798733522

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