About Hoot Welfare Society

The Hoot Welfare Society is a Lucknow (INDIA) based non-profit organization with a chartered vision of supporting and nurturing meaningful communication through interdisciplinary social and cultural projects. We provide opportunities for creativity and community-based innovation and aim for collective impact with each project. Hoot Welfare Society is working in five domains:

  1. Smriti (Social Nourishment)
  2. Jeev Sharan Grah (Animal Nourishment)
  3. Heal (Medical Nourishment)
  4. Swaraj (Student Nourishment)
  5. Law Bloom (Legal Nourishment)

About Law Bloom

Under Law Bloom, Hoot Welfare Society organizes events; provides opportunities to students & stakeholders. Law Bloom is a group of committed people across the country working selflessly for the welfare of the underprivileged.

The purpose of creating this domain is to serve society through the people in the legal field. Hoot Welfare Society is a non-profit organization; hence, you are a direct beneficiary. Law Bloom collectively and voluntarily works to serve society and law at large. It is all for a noble cause.

About the Event/ Overview

The webinar is aimed to motivate Law Graduates in seeking career opportunities in the field of legal journalism. The discussion will be aimed at exploring the journalism sector as a law student and how this field is emerging with immense opportunities.

Speaker Details

Ms. Sukriti Singh: She has been working with LiveLaw for more than 7 years and is currently working as a chief administrative officer and has also been associated with various law journals and startups. She began her journey from the third year of law and explored different avenues in the field of law. She worked in different departments like editorial, sales, marketing, management etc. She’s also the consulting editor of IJSARD (an international journal) and advisory board member of various law journals.

Along with LiveLaw she also worked in a hospitality portal and few other startups and media houses


  • The webinar is open to all law students and law graduates. Prior Registration is mandatory.

Registration Details

  • For registration, please CLICK HERE.
  • The participants after registering, will receive the Joining Link to the webinar. They are requested to join using the same.

Date & Timing

  • 29th August 2021 (SUNDAY) at 04:30 PM – 06:30 PM

Event Platform

  • The event will be held in Online/Virtual mode on Microsoft Teams/ ZOOM/Google Meet. The link will be sent to the registered candidates.
  • The Registration will close on 28th August 2021.

Contact Details 

Official Notification

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