Lighting Dreams Invites Submission for Blogs 

“When you learn, you become a star, but when you share knowledge and experiences, you become a constellation.” 

This group initiative aims to assist CLAT & other law aspirants by providing them with  materials and assistance during these unprecedent times. 

Our main mission is to ignite the aspirants’ ambitions and guide them via our experiences. 

The foundation of this initiative is to offer selfless service rather than monetary gain. Everything that is offered in Lighting Dreams is completely free of charge. 

The team consists of students from different prestigious NLUs, who assist aspirants in  achieving their goals to get admission at their desired NLUs. 

We believe in Albus Dumbledor’s words- 

“Happiness can be found, even in darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” 

We at lighting dreams conduct Online quizzes and Sectional Tests, Marathons and organize  Current Affairs discussion in a dedicated Whatsapp group. 

The team has successfully conducted two ALL INDIA OPEN MOCKS for CLAT 2021. 

We organize Topper’s Talk by students from different law colleges every weekend to guide the aspirants and also Guest lectures by renowned Lawyers and Professors for Law  Students and Law Aspirants. 

Our CLAT-2021 Achievers – 

1) Gautam Raj Phulera- AIR 25 

2) Saanvi Shekhawat- AIR 285 

3) Gupta Parth Ajaykumar- AIR 286 

4) Nidhi Ngaihoih- AIR 773 

5) Priya Sharma- AIR 841

Who may Submit? 

  • Open for students, researchers, practitioners, academicians and legal experts.  Co- authorship is permitted to a maximum of 2 [Two]. 

Original & Unpublished Work- 

  • Lighting dreams shall have the copyright over the submissions and shall have the  right to edit the submission without prior notification to the author. Once the  submission is published on the website, the same shall not be re-posted on any  other platform. 
  • It’s presumed that the blog is the original & unpublished work of the author(s) and  has not been submitted elsewhere for publication. 
  • The similarity index should be between 10% to Maximum of 15%. Violation of this  limit will automatically lead to rejection of the work. 
  • The article should be in a proper flow. Paragraphs/ sentences/ headings/ sub-headings  (select as appropriate) should be connected with the previous and subsequent  paragraph/ sentence/ heading/ sub-heading (select as appropriate). Cross-posting of  blogs are not allowed by the Editorial Board. 
  • Upon the receipt of a piece, an email apropos acknowledgement of the same shall be  sent within 48 hours. In case this does not happen kindly resend the submission. If found otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected on the ground of violation of the  above- mentioned point.  
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the Editorial Board of the Lighting Dreams  shall be binding and final. 

References and Citations- 

  • We accept references in forms of hyper-citations- hyperlinks directing the readers to  the relevant source.  
  • Authors may cite offline materials in form of endnotes (Bluebook 20th Edition). If required, our copy editors would be happy to assist you in this regard.  


  • The Manuscript must be in ‘Times New Roman’ Font- Font size 14 with 1.5 line  spacing, Alignment- Justified.  
  • Heading should be in bold, while sub-heading should be in bold & italic.  The manuscript should be saved in Doc or Docx format.  

Necessary Details- 

  • The Blog should be on Prominent Legal and Current Issues. 
  • The Blog is for academic purpose, so the author must not involve any controversial  point. It is suggested to use Judgements and Examples while writing the Blogs. Some  Example Includes Sedition, Afghan Taliban Issue, 27% Reservation to OBCs, Judicial  Vacancy, Federalism, IT Rules 2021. This are just examples; you can write your blog  on any prominent topic. 
  • Authors’ details: name, position [e.g., student, 2020-2025 Batch, ABC College],  institutional affiliation (if any).
  • Authors are requested to submit a short bio of 2-3 sentences. Authors should attach  their front facing, scanned passport size photo during submission of the blog in the  mail.  
  • The details may be either attached in a separate document or mentioned in the body of  the submission mail.  
  • However, the manuscript must not contain any detail of the author(s).  The manuscript must be in form of Blog.  
  • Each submission must have its own title on the basis of the Topic selected and at least  2 Picture related to the Topic. 
  • Word Limit:- 800-1000 
  • The manuscript should be mailed to with the subject- [Title of the Blog]/ [Name of the Author] 


The selected Blogs will be published on website of lighting dreams. Certificate of  Achievement will be provided to best entities and participation certificate will be provided to  all. 

Contact Details 

Further More Details, visit our website- 

For more info. feel free to drop mail at, or reach out us  8340451150, 6388972888.

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