SPIL Webinar on ‘How to Navigate Academic Papers as a Law Student? By Dr. Amal Sethi’ (On 7th November, 2021)

Students for the Promotion of International Law (SPIL), Government Law College, Mumbai is organising a webinar on ‘How to navigate Academic Papers as a Law Student?’ that is scheduled on 7th November, 2021.

About SPIL

Students for the Promotion of International Law, as the name suggests, is a student body which cynosures International Law. With an increasing need for awareness in the field of International Law, we maintain that such awareness is put into an impetus through the diverse events we conduct within the versatile subject of International Law. At SPIL, we take a novel approach for Students and Academia alike, to let them be a part of the discourse, to explore the magnificently huge sphere of International Law, while always keeping in mind the grey and equivocal areas of the subject and attempting to abridge the same.

SPIL organises a series of Lectures and Workshops every year for various aspects of International Law but the sphere is not restricted only to the pure subject matter, it also entertains issues pertaining to methodology of research in the subject, the paradigm set for how ground realities are and other things which pivot around International Law.

About the Webinar

Every law student admires to write at least one research paper in college. But is it really important to write a research paper? If yes, how should one approach the nitty-gritty of writing a research paper? This webinar will be an interactive session, focussing on all the doubts that a law student may have while writing a research paper. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. How many research papers should a student write?
  2. Where to publish papers as a law student?
  3. What kind of papers get published at decent places?
  4. How does writing a research paper serve benefit to your CV and to your legal career?

About the Speaker

Dr. Amal Sethi is a Senior Fellow at the University of Hamburg where his research focuses on comparative constitutional studies. He also holds visiting positions at the University of Liverpool and Harvard University. Amal received his masters and doctorate in law from University of Pennsylvania.


  • Inviting students from all fields to join.
  • Students, researchers, academicians may join.


Kindly register for the webinar from the link given below –


Deadline for Registration – 6th November, 2021

Date of the webinar – 7th November, 2021

Time – 4:00 PM IST

Venue – Zoom

Contact Information

Feel free to write to us at spilmumbai@gmail.com for any further information or queries in this regard.

Find more updates at our website spilmumbai.org

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