Single Credit Course on ‘Criminal Justice Institutions in India’ from 15th to 24th February, 2022

The Centre for Poverty and Access to Justice of National Law University Odisha, in collaboration with Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative is organising a Single Credit Course on ‘Criminal Justice Institutions in India’ for law students from 15th February to 24th February, 2022 spread across 8 sessions in two weeks.


The single-credit course of 16 hours focuses on ‘Criminal Justice Institutions in India’ particularly on Police and Prison Reforms, policy, research and advocacy in the area. Under the wide area of Access to Justice, the course is designed around the topics of police oversight bodies, police accountability, the questions of custodian violence as a part of the police reforms. Further, under prison reforms, the course touches on the areas of conditions of prisons, rights and vulnerabilities of the prison population among more interesting topics. The course will consist of lecture, presentation, case study, video, exercise and assessment. Thus, in order to undertake focused learning and cover the different stages in the course, the seats are being limited to 40 students only.

Resource persons for the course will consist of Members of CHRI having undertaken research in the area, Retired Police and Prison Officers, representatives of City Core Group – Mumbai (steered by CHRI) and Civil Society members

About CPAJ

The Centre for Poverty and Access to Justice was established in the year 2020 with the aim of minimising and mitigating the obstacles faced by the socially and economically disadvantaged people in accessing justice. The objective of the Centre is to promote community and traditional justice systems that are relatively easily accessible to vulnerable groups, and to make them more compliant with Human Rights. The Centre aims at studying the barriers to access to justice with emphasis on the groups disadvantaged due to inequality in their economic status, discrimination, and lack of legal awareness; and overcoming the barriers through State, Civil Society and policy Intervention.

About CHRI

CHRI specialises in the areas of Access to Justice (ATJ) and Access to Information (ATI). The ATJ programme has focussed on Police and Prison Reforms, to reduce arbitrariness and ensure transparency while holding duty bearers to account. CHRI looks at policy interventions, including legal remedies, building civil society coalitions and engaging with stakeholders. The ATI looks at Right to Information (RTI) and Freedom of Information laws across geographies, provides specialised advice, sheds light on challenging issues, processes for widespread use of transparency laws and develops capacity.

CHRI reviews pressures on freedom of expression and media rights while a focus on Small States seeks to bring civil society voices to bear on the UN Human Rights Council and the Commonwealth Secretariat. CHRI has special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council and is accredited to the Commonwealth Secretariat. Recognised for its expertise by governments, oversight bodies and civil society, it is registered as a society in India, a limited charity in London and an NGO in Ghana. Although the Commonwealth, an association of 54 nations, provided member countries the basis of shared common laws, there was little specific focus on human rights issues in member countries. It works on and collaborates around public education programmes, policy dialogues, comparative research, advocacy and networking on the issues of Access to Information and Access to Justice.


This course is open to all the students of NLUO and other law students currently enrolled in a 5-year or 3-year law programme. This course will be particularly helpful to the students from 1st and 2nd year of five-year law course, 1st year students of three-year law course and the students having interest in the field of Access to Justice.


Dates: 15th to 24th February (4 sessions per week)

Timing: 5:30 pm to 7:30pm (8 sessions of 16 hours)

Mode: Online (Google Meet)

Maximum Participation: 40 students only

Registration Fee – Rs. 1000/-

Last Date of Registration – 10th February, 2022

Register HereCPAJ-CHRI Course


Payment is to be made through Bank Transfer/NEFT/IMPS/UPI Bank Transfer to the Account mentioned in the Brochure. On filling the Registration From, you will need to attach the screenshot of payment clearly showing the Beneficiary name/details and Amount

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