Rajasthan Law Festival erstwhile known as Jaipur Law Festival is a colossal event majorly based on legal field and aims to create legal awareness among youth and thereby showcasing their skills and legal intellectuality. Its pioneer edition was held on 9th December,2017. It gained a lot of success and applause in legal field by various dignitaries and youth. In the same way subsequent edition was organized on 18th-19th December,2021 which gained similar appreciation and was marked by auspicious presence of various dignitaries. Therefore taking forward this legacy, Rajasthan Law Fest will be organized on national level by Vidhishala in collaboration with Ranka Public Charitable Trust on 28th-29th January 2023. The motive behind this fest is to spread legal awareness extensively among youth and thereby enriching their legal knowledge. It will comprise of various engrossing activities as well as talk shows.


The main aim behind talk shows is to bring Judges, Advocates and students altogether on a single platform in order to bring diversified ideas of law fraternity on same stage.

Session1: Juvenile Justice in India and Juvenile Rehabilitation: Socio-Legal Implication for Children:- This session will comprise of overview of present juvenile system and laws prevailing under it.

Session2: Reproductive Rights in India: The current situation & Legal Perspective:- This session aim towards enriching youth about reproductive rights enshrined in our constitution and to reflect on efforts undertaken for preservation of same.

Session 3Trial by Media: A threat to our judicial system:- This session deals with working of media among present time and also focusses on laws as well as implications of the media trial among society.


The main aim behind this events is to help individuals showcase their skills and legal knowledge among competitive world. It comprises of certain events:

1-    Drafting Competition

  • Debate

3-    Call For Papers

  • Client Counselling

5-    Legal Quiz

  • PIL Drafting Competition

1- Drafting Competition

Aim: The aim of this competition is to enhance drafting skills of the individuals.Through this competition, participants will be able to identify the hidden areas among thesociety which will help them to provide solutions for such issues.

Theme: There is no fixed theme for this competition. Participants can take any socio-legal topic for their application.

Eligibility: It is open for all under-graduate and post-graduate students from various disciplines.

2- Debate Competition

Aim: It aims to provide a platform for students where they can enrich their debating skills easily by focusing on issues based on contemporary and developing aspects of law.

Theme: Trends and Public Opinion towards Animal Experimentation (This theme is only for preliminary round.) For further rounds i.e. Semi –finals and Finals, topic will be intimidated to the participants prior to the commencement of round.

Eligibility: It is open for all school, undergraduate and post- graduate students of multidisciplinary streams from various schools, colleges and universities across the country.

3-    Call for Papers

Aim: The main aim behind this event is to analyze research skills.

Eligibility: Papers are invited from students, academicians, research scholars, professionals and other stake holders.


▪        The Constituionality of Media Trials in India- A Critique

  • Exploring the scope of Alternate Dispute Resolution in India

▪        Infancy and Criminal Liability: In light of juvenile Justice ( Care and Protection) Act 2015

  • Judicial Recognition of Reproductive Rights as Fundamental and Human Rights: An analytical study

▪        An Aerial Perspective on the Predictors of Organized Crimes: Micro and Macro Level

Note: These are only prescribed themes. Participants can take any theme similar to these themes.

4-    Client Counselling

Aim: The aim behind this event is to explore the client – lawyer interaction skills and to improve the problem analyzing techniques of the students and giving such information which a client would like to know regarding his legal problem/case.

Eligibility: It is open for all post- graduate and under –graduate students.

Structure of Competition: It will comprise of prelims, semi-finals and finals.

5-    National Legal Quiz Competition

Aim: The aim of this competition is to provide a platform for law enthusiasts & students to test their knowledge in the legal field. It will test memory, reasoning as well as analytical techniques of students.

Eligibility: Any student pursuing UG & PG in any discipline at any college or department of recognized universities.

6. PIL Drafting Competition:-

Aim:- The main aim of public interest litigation is to safeguard the interests of the society and ensure that justice is served to all irrespective of social, financial and socio-economic backwardness.

Eligibility: Any student pursuing UG & PG in any discipline at any college or department of recognized universities.


Flagship Events: 28th January 2023

Talk Shows: 29th January 2023


About Vidhishala:

Vidhishala is a global community registered under MSME, Govt of India & is a registered trademark under Trademark Act, 1999. It is a socio-legal organization which focuses on impregnating legal education and awareness in society by providing resourceful insights of multidisciplinary sections of law. We also aim to develop diverse political and socio-legal discussions to ensure that we are able to fertilize the ever-growing legal fraternity. Vidhishala is committed towards “servientes populi et legis” and hence we are heading towards different aspect of legal world.

About Ranka Public Charitable Trust:

Ranka Public Charitable Trust was constituted on the inspiration of Mrs. Urmila N. Ranka, in the year 1980 by Shri N.M. Ranka, Senior Advocate, Jaipur for promotion of public good and to serve the humanity. It is a public charitable trust of Ranka Family for the last over 35 years. It has entered into MoU with Five Year Law College & Law College of Rajasthan University to organize “Ranka National Moot Court Competitions” since 2011. It believes in a mass appeal to the Indian humanity “Build the Nation”, Awake, Arise and stop not till the goal is achieved.

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