At Legality Viability, we aim at providing excellent services to our partners and ambitious students and we hope to help them achieve their goals. We launched our services in April 2020, we are looking forward to collaborating with campuses all over India. We provide services like free legal lecture videos, notes, guidance related to research and moot courts etc.

Those days are gone when markers and whiteboards were used to make things understand. This is the New Media Age, and everyone around us is making use of effective tools to communicate their ideas.  In the corporate world, PowerPoint presentations have transformed the way ideas are conveyed, discussed, and analyzed. Presentations become interesting and appealing when they are made creatively.  This happens when two key aspects:
 The representation and the text put together to create communication that leads to the desired action.
The Editorial Board invites submissions for the video competition on the latest legal issues of contemporary importance on any subject of law or social sciences.
  • All participants must be students of LL.B and may be either in three years or five years course.
  • Only singular participation is permitted per entry, i.e. each entry will consist of only one participant.
Rules and Regulations
  • There is no entry fee for the competition.
  • Dress code is Formals.
  • If participants are making PPT then the participants are allowed to use a maximum of 17 slides.
  • Participants are required to state their topic in the google form and in case they wish to change the topic they need to send provisional mail regarding the same.
  • The video/Audio PPT must not be more than 12 minutes.
  • The audio with PPT/ Video should be clearly audible without any background disruption.
Note For PPT Maker
  • If the participants are sending PPT then it should be in two formats: PDF and ppt.
  • PPTs and audio should be submitted separately.
  • Thus there will be two submissions: PPT plus their audio.
  • There should be a different document for the participant details. PPT must not reveal any personal information or identity of the participant.
  • The content of the PPT should not be copied. Any Plagiarism, if detected, will lead to disqualification.
  • Round 1: After all the submissions are closed, the videos will be given to the video review team for checking the content. Only those videos will be selected which satisfy all the criteria mentioned above.
  • Round 2: Selected videos will be uploaded on our YouTube channel for further evaluation by the viewers, whichever video will collect the most likes till the prescribed time will be awarded the first prize in the video-making competition.
  • E- Certificate will be provided to every participant.
  • Certificate of merit will be given to selected videos.
  • Top 3 videos will be awarded E-Certificate of excellence +Internship Opportunity+ Free Publication at Legality Viability journal
Judgment Criteria
  • Based on Content
  • Based on Originality/ Plagiarism
  • Based on Creativity
  • Based on Knowledge of the material.
  • Based on the clarity of artworks. (such as charts, graphs, slides)
  • Based on Audio and visual quality
  • Based on the way the audience perceives the video.
  • All the participants are requested to send their raw (without any edit) video.
  • All the PPTs/videos should be submitted before the deadline via google drive.
  • No videos will be accepted after the deadline.
  • The above conditions are mandatory to be followed, not adhering of the above condition will lead to automatic disqualification. The last decision shall be taken by the organizing team of the competition.
  • The participants are required to give an undertaking that their work is original. If it is found that the work is not original the entry may be cancelled.
  • One week for overall judging by public votes.
  • Release of the competition: 4th January 2021
  • Last date to submit the PPT/ Video: 20th February 2021
  • Results: 1 March 2021
Registration Details
  • To register for Video Making Competition, click here

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