About JPAC

Judicial Preparation & Advisory Centre (JPAC) has been created as an integral unit of HELMS. JPAC promises to fulfil such a role of a navigator which will help the young law graduates manoeuvre through their disciplined preparation for the judicial services examinations by steering them across the preparation time, strategies and motivation. JPAC is being established by the Founder of the Virtual Law School (India’s 1st), which was a unique experiment and a pioneering initiative in the field of law teaching especially in the challenging times of COVID-19. Its Founder & Director has now envisioned JPAC owing to popular demand from several law graduates to also help them by bringing a credible platform for the preparation of judicial services. JPAC is thus determined to upkeep the aspirations of the young law graduates who are living the dream of making it to the seat of justice delivery and promote the rule of law. Judicial Preparation & Advisory Center is an organization established to promote the culture of serving the Indian judiciary. Despite 74 years of independence, we have been constantly struggling with various issues affecting the independence, workforce and quality of judgments delivered by all levels of courts in the hierarchy of the Indian judicial system.

About Event: “Judiciary Mock Interview Session”

Success in Interviews seal your fate with the esteemed Judicial Service Examination. Hence, the time and energy invested by the candidate are precious. And no one wishes to lag just because of an interview. You have demonstrated your knowledge in the written exam, now is the chance to showcase your exemplary Communication Skills. Thus, JPAC has launched the “Judiciary Mock Interview Sessions” having special emphasis on Chhattisgarh Judicial Service Exam. 

We will COACH you to: 

  • Carefully hear the questions
  • Respond in a focused manner 
  • Personalize some standard answers for routine questions
  • Speak like a well-trained law professional 
  • Use economy of words 
  • Prepare for technical (law) and non-technical questions
  • Maintain Judges’ mannerisms in an interview
  • Join us now to get personalized interview training and add value to the seat of justice

Registration Process

Start Date: July 3, 2021, onwards 

Fees: INR 1000

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/XUhJzBV5pi8ofVoj7 

(Please fill the registration form & upload the screenshot of the payment.Payment details are present in the registration form only.)

Contact Info

For any query, please feel free to connect us: +91 70416-32600

Please visit: www.judicialpac.com 

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