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IMS Law College, Noida which was established in 2004, is the first law college in Gautam Buddha Nagar to have started B.A., LL.B. 5-year degree programme. The college is known for its academic excellence and value-added education. It caters 5-year law degree courses like B.A., LL.B., B.Com., LL.B. and LL.B. 3-year degree course to the aspirants to be competent legal professionals. It imparts world-class education in the discipline of law.

Besides, its parent body, IMS-Noida has also collaborations with several Universities overseas and seeks to imbibe a global mindset into its students. Most importantly, there is also a strong focus on research and IMS encourages its faculty and students to undertake consultancy projects with corporates. In order to explore the various dimensions of English language and Literature, IMS Language and Literature club was constituted in 2019. Since then, it has been organizing various national and international webinars to benefit the research scholars and academicians apart from the students of literature.

  1. Details about the event

International Webinar on “Trends in Environmental and Climate Justice” on December 24, 2021 at 4:00 PM via Microsoft Teams

About the programme

Climate change has impacted the lives and well-being millions of people worldwide. However, many of the adverse outcomes of climate change have disproportionately affected socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. Evidence has established a nexus between climate change and negative health consequences, including increased mortalities and illnesses. This webinar will explore and discuss trends in environmental and climate justice and the impact on the aforementioned issues and concerns.

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Faculty Members
  • Professionals
  • Research Scholars
  •    Anyone interested in the event

Speaker’s Profile:

William Patrick McPhilamy, III works in the legal services space as a lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator. With over 28 years in practice in his firm, the Law and Mediation Office of W. Patrick McPhilamy, III, based in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, he has expertise in dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution. His practice areas include civil, commercial, corporate, and intellectual property law. He is an accredited mediator and a chartered arbitrator. He is the Resident Representative of California for ADR ODR International. He is a Senior Fellow, Fellow, and Member of the Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center, Prime Dispute, and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators respectively. He has previously served as a judge or expert evaluator for numerous mediation, arbitration, and negotiation competitions in the U.S. and internationally, including contests organized by the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris; ADR ODR International; MediateGuru; and various law schools and organizations in the U.S. and abroad. He holds a Certificate in Negotiation Mastery from Harvard Business School Online and a Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Management from Harvard Law School. He is also serving as an Ambassador with Arbitrator Intelligence. He has also served on and is working with boards of directors of several organizations, including for-profit and non-profit entities, in the U.S. and abroad. He has been educated in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and China, earning a Master of Law degree from the University of Cambridge, a Juris Doctor degree from California Western School of Law, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. He also received a Diploma from the Institute on International and Comparative Law in London, held at the University of London through the auspices of the University of San Diego School of Law; and he studied law for a summer at the University of Oxford, and languages for several years in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and China. In his spare time, he regularly volunteers with organizations dedicated to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger relief.

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Registration form:,XVarj0SSvEaXRX9g9vQ5pA,LKThFm7MCEGCKbVKEOvcNA,v0JatbNpVkaW-QKZb-iKpw,XwkC06UyPEe9xdpH6LIB8Q,IANIQABQBUecjD9vOxR6bA?mode=read&tenantId=4c381e47-38b2-4cd3-9897-8c0901f30634

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  3. Deadline: Register by 23 December, 2021 at 11:59 PM

7.Contact Information-Convener-Prof. Govind Prasad Goyal-WhatsApp no.-+91-997-112-9012

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