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IMS Law College, Noida which was established in 2004, is the first law college in Gautam Buddha Nagar to have started B.A., LL.B. 5-year degree program. The college is known for its academic excellence and value-added education. It caters 5-year law degree courses like B.A., LL.B., B.Com., LL.B. and LL.B. 3-year degree course to the aspirants to be competent legal professionals. It imparts world-class education in the discipline of law.

Besides, its parent body, IMS-Noida has also collaborations with several Universities overseas and seeks to imbibe a global mindset into its students. Most importantly, there is also a strong focus on research and IMS encourages its faculty and students to undertake consultancy projects with corporates. In order to explore the various dimensions of English language and Literature, the IMS Language and Literature club was constituted in 2019. Since then, it has been organizing various national and international webinars to benefit the research scholars and academicians apart from the students of literature.

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International Webinar on “Creative Writing” on December 23, 2021, at 4:00 PM via Microsoft Teams

About the programme

Cónal describes himself as an ‘accidental author’ – In this webinar, Cónal will explore his personal journey to becoming a full-time writer back in the 1980s – it is a road with many twists and turns. Cónal will explore his creative process and why his creative practice finds voice in film, on stage, and on the page. This lecture will present Cónal’s investigation of sources of creativity and inspiration – and his belief that embracing ridicule is fundamental to creative expression.

Cónal continues to travel extensively, bringing his film, stage plays, and lectures to an international audience.

“As written by Cónal Creedon, such moments resound with wince-inducing authenticity before they are eclipsed by an inspirational twist. – words soar like a bracing breeze off the River Lee.” – New York Times.

“The highlight of last year’s theatre in Shanghai came all the way from Cork in Irish playwright’s Cónal Creedon’s double-header of short plays — powerful, yet punctuated with humour, lyrical and richly colloquial. They were terrific!” – That’s Shanghai Magazine [China].

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Faculty Members
  • Professionals
  • Research Scholars
  •    Anyone interested in the event

Speaker’s Profile:

Cónal Creedon is an award-winning novelist, playwright, documentary filmmaker and collaborative artist. Over the past thirty years, Cónal’s artistic practice has focused on a very defined locale, which he describes as ‘a spaghetti bowl of streets’ in downtown Cork city, Ireland. This is where his family has lived and traded since the beginning of the last century. Cónal’s exploration of this tight-knit neighborhood finds voice across various media forms yet, when examined in its entirety, his diverse output comes together as one great work.

Cónal’s observation of local experience reveals deep insights into the global nature of the human condition. Translations of his work have paved the way for Cónal to travel widely, presenting reading tours and lectures in Europe, North America and China. His film documentaries and stage plays have gathered a number of prestigious international awards and high critical acclaim from New York to Shanghai.

Closer to home, Cónal invests his creativity in local projects, including his active engagement with the ‘Scribes’ initiative – an ongoing cross-border literary exchange between North and South of Ireland, aimed at copper-fastening links between Cork city and the West Belfast Festival. Cónal has also been proactive with the Cork Vocational Educational Committee, his continued association with the Life-Long Learning Festival has contributed to Cork City’s prestigious designation as UNESCO City of Learning 2015.

In recognition of his contribution to the Arts, Cónal has received numerous accolades, including his appointment as Heritage Ambassador [2018], Culture Ambassador [2020]. In 2017, University College Cork appointed Cónal – adjunct Professor of Creative Writing UCC. Most recently, Cónal was honoured with The Lord Mayor’s Award 2020.

Links to Documentaries: Produced / directed / written by Cónal Creedon

The Burning of Cork City by The British 1920 –

Christmas in Cork City – Dawn to Dusk –

The Boys of Fairhill – Sporting Culture  Cork –

Flynnie – Like Shakespere –

The Irish 1916 Rebellion in Cork City 1916. –

Musical Collaborations:

Collaboration with John Spillane :

Collaboration with Clare Sands :

Books by Conal Creedon – available online.

If you re located in the USA –

If you are located in the EU –

If you are located in the UK –

If you are located in Australia –

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7.Contact Information-Convener-Prof. Govind Prasad Goyal-WhatsApp no.-+91-997-112-9012

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