ClimaJo Sustainability Conclave- India’s Role in Global Path to Sustainability

About the organizers 

Global Policy Insights

Global policy insights (GPI) is a centrist policy institute with a vision to equip governments, policymakers, NGOs, and diverse actors within the sphere of international development with the tools required to nurture good governance practices and promote sustainable development. In the presence of a rapidly evolving international political economy, it is crucial for these actors to navigate through dynamic circumstances and adopt comprehensive strategies to stimulate and catalyze inclusive socio-economic growth through local, regional, national, and global perspectives. Thus, GPI partners with and serves governments, universities, local and multinational communities, and corporates throughout the world to deliver innovative unions of research, advisory, design, deliberative enquiry, and consulting services.


We are building an AI and GPT-4 based tech platform that brings together some of the most vital ingredients to help sustainable businesses act on climate change. At ClimaJo, we aim to promote sustainable actions. 

We feel that the gap between what sustainable businesses want and what they achieve for any climate action is huge, hence at ClimaJo, we do not want any action by businesses to go in vain. We aim to empower global businesses to explore sustainable alternatives and source sustainably from Indian suppliers.

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Key benefits

The discussions at the Conclave will cover a wide range of topics, including climate change mitigation and adaptation, renewable energy, circular economy, green finance, and sustainable development.

The event will help you:

  1. Discover avenues to collaborate with key sustainability stakeholders
  2. Build brand equity for your business as a leader in sustainability

Further, there will be a paid (and additional) workshop on how to build and grow sustainable businesses in India. Watch out for more updates on our social media channels!

Registration Deadline: April 12, 2023

Registration fee: No Fee 

RSVP at +91 7053733974

Date of the Conclave- April 13, 2023

Time- 10:00 am- 05:00 pm IST

Venue- Constitutional Club of India

Registration Link- 

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