After 10 Successful editions of our national festival (Connaissance), the Institute of Law, Nirma University brings to you its International Mega event Ashvamedha, (Beyond the Horizons). ILNU’s cultural festival is currently in its 11th edition and has grown to become Gujarat’s largest college educational and cultural festival, Ashvamedha constantly keeps growing every year. Being a festival entirely organised by students, Ashvamedha provides the students with not only the proper professional exposure but also a great experience filled with learning.

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“Knowledge is power, information is liberating and education is the premise of progress in every society.”

With the same vision, the Institute’s Quiz Committee works to keep students informed of all global events while also adding a sense of fun through quizzes. The year 2015 marked the beginning of the ILNU Quiz Committee’s existence as the Institute of Law, Nirma University’s recognized quizzing committee. It was a pathfinder in establishing a strong and advanced quizzing culture within the college. The committee organizes the number of quizzes to spread the quiz culture inside the institute through a number of activities both on and off campus. Every day, efforts are made in this direction, and the forthcoming edition of the event hopes to be bigger and better.

7th ILNU National Online Quiz

Quiz Committee, Institute of Law, Nirna University (ILNU) brings everyone its 7th season of the National Online Quiz competition to take them all to the gala of tantalizing questions. They will test themselves on how productive their binge sessions were and will their all-nighters turning pages can win them amazing prizes!! The event aims to encourage students to take quizzing as a passion and to brush up their knowledge. The quiz shall be open to everyone. Although many activities in law schools weigh on experience, quizzing is one activity where even a naïve can beat the master with the right logic and knowledge.

Important particulars

Date: 17th -18th April, 2023

Theme: General Knowledge

Mode: Online

Platform: Google Forms

Eligibility: Open to all

Size of the team: Individual Participation

Registration Fees: Rs.49/- only (Indian National Rupee)

Perks: Cash Prize worth Rs.1,00,000/-, Internship Opportunities, Research Assistant Opportunity, Campus Ambassador Opportunity, Research Publication perks, and other benefits.

Details of quiz

The Quiz will be conducted In two rounds: 

  • Preliminary Round: There will be a total of 40 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and the time limit for attempting the test is 15 Minutes.
  • Date & Time: 17th April, 2023 – [06 PM to 06:15 PM]
  • Top 50 Participants from Round 01 will qualify for the final round.
  • Final Round: There will be a total of 40 Questions (20 MCQs and 20 Subjective Questions), and the time limit for attempting the test is 20 Minutes. 

Date & Time: 18th April, 2023 – [06 PM to 06:20 PM]

For more details, please visit the brochure and website at www.ashvamedha.org

Important dates

  • 16th April, 2023: Last Date to Register
  • 17th April, 2023: Preliminary Round
  • 18th April, 2023: Final Round
  • 20th April, 2023: Result Declaration

Registration process

Participants are required to register through the Registration link on or before 16th April, 11:59 PM. Interested participant may access the payment portal by scanning the QR Code attached below.

Registration link:



Cash Prizes worth Rs. 1,00,000/-

Prize breakups:

Winner: Cash Prize of Rs.35,000 + Trophy + Certificate of Victory 

Runner-up: Cash Prize of Rs.20,000 + Trophy + Certificate of Victory 

2nd Runner-up: Cash Prize of Rs.10,000 + Trophy + Certificate of Victory 

3rd Runner-up: Cash Prize of Rs.6,000 + Trophy + Certificate of Victory 

4th Runner-up: Cash Prize of Rs.4,000 + Trophy + Certificate of Victory 

Rank 06 to Rank 10: Cash Prize of Rs.3000 to each + Certificate of Merit 

Rank 11 to Rank 20: Cash Prize of Rs. 1,000 to each + Certificate of Excellence 

Rank 01 to Rank 03: Legal Internship Opportunities

Rank 01 to Rank 20: Free Publication in Lex Bona Fide – Law Journal (ISSN: 2582-7952)

Rank 01 to Rank 03: 25% Off up to Rs. 250 on PRESET ORIGINALS.

Organizing committee

Quiz Committee Institute of Law, Nirma University

For any query, contact 

Yogesh Agrawal (Chairperson) +91 8128775853 +91 8718810032 

Pranjal Lakhera (Co-Chairperson) +91 9644428811 

Daisy Jain (Secretary) +91 7489713332

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