1. Contribution of Dynasties in Protection of Hindu Temples – 3rd August 2021 from 6 PM

India has been a nation of kings and princely states. Several similar royal families have moulded and reshaped the fate of mankind over many centuries. As soon as a dominion was established in any part of the nation, it started a dynasty. To further shed light on the theme ‘ Contribution of Dynasties in Protection of India’, we have Dr. Omendra Ratnu, Prof. Gyaneshwar Khurana, and Mr Aneesh Gokhale as keynote speakers

2. Application of Vedas in Modern Science – 11 August 2021 from 6 PM

Vedas are a treasure of knowledge and these distinguished speakers will give us an understanding of the application of Vedas in modern science. The Session will be taken by Prof. Ram Sharma and Shri Ashish Dalela.

3. Vision 2050 – 13 August 2021

This session will deal with the developmental aspects of India for the future. Our keynote speaker, Prof. Milind Marathe is an Associate Professor, Department of Electronics Engineering in VJTI.

4. Festivals: Route to prosperous Economy – 17 August 2021, 5 PM

In this session, the speaker, Prof. Pratibha will speak on how traditional festivals could act as a hotspot for activating a prosperous economy.

5. India at 75 – 21 August from 6 PM 

India has come a long way since Independence and there has been a remarkable evolution in all facets of the country. We have Dr. Ramaswami Balasubramaniyan Ji discussing her evolution since independence.

5. Long Term Prospects of the Indian Economy – 23 August 2021 – Afternoon slot

Dr. Shamika Ravi is an economist with a keen interest in development challenges in India and a research focus on education, financial inclusion, gender inequality, and urbanization. She is the Director at the Brookings Institute, India Center. Her research is in the area of development economics with a focus on gender inequality and democracy, and financial inclusion and health. The speaker will shed some light on the ‘Long term prospects of the Indian economy.

6. One Identity – Bharatiyata – 25 August 2021, 7 PM

India is a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and faiths. But the one thing that binds all of us is that feeling of Bharatiyata which means Indianness. To discuss this aspect, we have Stalwarts like Prof. Kapil Kapoor and Dr Bharat Gupt.

7. Protection and Preservation of Temples – 26 August 2021, 6 PM

We often regard temples as mere places of worship. But, the fact that temples have played a major role in the economy, would be an understatement. We have with us, the eminent speakers Dr. Pankaj Saxena and Smt. Deepa Duraiswamy, enlightening us on ‘Protection and preservation of temples’


Quiz Competition

The independence which we are enjoying today is the culmination of the efforts and struggles of our freedom fighters. So, if you know about struggles that led to our independence, here is the opportunity for you to participate in a Quiz competition.  The theme is ‘Indian Freedom struggle and Movement’. Prizes worth Rs. 2,500.

Monodrama Competition

Monodrama Competition involves the participants presenting a small act on the theme of ‘Gems of Indian Freedom Struggle’. with the winning prizes being worth Rs. 2,500.

Poetry Writing Competition

The topics for Poetry writing are as follows with prizes worth Rs. 2,500.

  • Mewar: Heritage, Heroes and Culture

  • Cultural Diversity of India

  • History of the Tricolour Flag

Registration link–

Caption making Competition

A picture speaks a thousand words. And, describing that picture is indeed a challenge. Three photographs will be uploaded on the social media handles (@aainabharat) on 4 August 2021 related to the independence of India. Participants have to write a creative caption with a maximum of 300 words. Prizes worth Rs. 2,500.


Vedas for Youth Empowerment

The first certificate course is on the topic ‘ Vedas for Youth Empowerment. To conduct the workshop, we have Sri Narayanan Bhattathiripad, who is an Ex Sanskrit faculty in N.E.H University Meghalaya, Vivekananda deemed University Kolkata, Ayurvedic Trust Coimbatore, and many more institutions. He was the convener of Vishwa Veda Shastra, a 7-day international Vedic conference.

Vedas are not easy to comprehend and we need someone who can elucidate and explain them in simple language. Sri Narayanan will be imparting knowledge on the role of Vedas in Youth Empowerment.

Law and Dharma 

The second Certificate Course is on the topic ‘Law and Dharma’. To conduct the workshop, we have Sri. Amrith Bhargav. He has authored the book ‘Law and Dharma: A tribute to the Pitamaha of the Indian Bar’ and will be sharing with us his findings which trace the legal heritage of India, through a study of its Ancient Legal system. It is a broad compilation from various sources and literature on socio-legal issues, jurisprudence, procedural law, and the endeavour to study law and society.

Conservation of Indian Cultural and Structural Heritage

The third Certificate Course is on the topic ‘Conservation of Indian Cultural and Structural Heritage’. To conduct the workshop, we have Sri V Ramachandran. He is the founder of Lightup temples, an organization that majorly works on temple revival and restoration and safeguarding of temple lands. He will be sharing insights on preserving the cultural and structural heritage of Bharat and the role of their organization in doing the same.

This is a very rare opportunity where stalwarts of numerous fields are coming together to present to us their acquired knowledge on various aspects of India. So, take this opportunity to register for Bharatosav at –

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