About ALSA:
The Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) is a non-political, non-profit association that promotes mutual understanding and respect between law students in Asia. ALSA consists of more than 12,000 members from the top law schools across Asia, who regularly participate in international events such as study trips and moot competitions. Since its inception in 2003, ALSA has grown tremendously from 5 to 16 member countries, with a view for further expansion.
About ALSA India:
Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) is an international consortium of around 14,000 law students and alumni located in 16 countries all over the Asian region. India has been successful in recognizing itself as one of the National Chapters at ALSA International. ALSA India’s vision is to promote a better understanding of Communication among Law students all across India. We stand to encourage the students to develop a spirit of serving Justice to the society through networking among the Law students all across India and Asia as well. ALSA India is looking forward to the enhancement of the capabilities of the law students to become Internationally Recognized, Socially Responsible, Academically Committed, and Legally Skilled.
About AIMC:   
The ALSA International Mediation Competition (AIMC) is a means to promote, incite and disseminate the use of mediation among younger generations of professionals with a mind-set of effectively resolving disputes. We believe that AIMC will allow students with different backgrounds and academic training to have the opportunity to enhance their mediation skills in an international setting. AIMC is an educational event that seeks to encourage the effective use of mediation and the open exchange of ideas, experience and knowhow between students from different countries, cultures, generations and backgrounds. Appreciation and respect for cultural diversity should be shown by all participants. The objective of AIMC is to effectively combine the use of the Mediator and collaborative problem-solving skills to successfully present the Parties’ interests and progress towards resolution. ALSA wishes to empower tomorrow’s business people and legal practitioners to better meet the dispute resolution needs of an increasingly cross-cultural and global market.
Date of Competition: 22nd-24th July, 2022
Venue: Online Mode
Participation: Participati0on in the competition is through the Registration form given as
General Guidelines:
1. Any undergraduate Student pursuing a Degree in Law is eligible to participate in the competition.
2. A participating institution may send a maximum of 4 teams in the competition, comprising of three members in each team, who will play the roles of Mediator, CLient and Counsel.
3. The Competition will comprise two preliminary rounds followed by Quarter Final rounds, semi-finals and Finals.
Early Bird Registration Fees (Till 22nd May):
For Indian Teams: Rs. 5,500
For International Teams: USD 90
After Early Bird Registration Fees (Till 19th June):
For Indian Teams: Rs. 7,500
For International Teams: US 120
Official Correspondence:
Competition Convenor:
Competition Co-Convnore:
Dept. of Academic Activities, ALSA: /
Rules and Regulations Booklet: Click Here

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