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Cyber security strives to limit the risk of cyber-attacks and secure systems, networks, and technology from unauthorized exploitation. The workshop will enlighten the participants about  how to detect threats, secure systems and networks, and prevent potential cyber attacks.  Participants will master in-demand skills and develop world-class competence via a blend of rigorous academic and practical approach. It is designed for people who desire to begin a new and fulfilling career.

The major topics covered in the workshop are:

  1. Fundamental & Types of Computer Security.
  2. Cloud Computing Security.
  3. Cyber Threats.
  4. Networking, Information Privacy, and Mobile Security.
  5. Social and Security Engineering.
  6. Crypto currency/BitCoins.
  7. Cyber Crime Investigation: Process.
  8. Tools Involved in Cyber Crime Investigation.
  9. AI & IoT Security.
  10.  E-Signature related crimes.
  11.  Challenges in WFH, and many more.


Mr. Mayur Parmar has acquired his skills by pursuing his Masters in Digital Forensics and Information Security from Gujarat Forensic Sciences University currently known as National Forensic Sciences University. On the work front, Mayur has so far reported more than 200 bugs and helped to secure organizations such as Apple, NCIIPC, OYO, Lens kart, Department of Defence (US army), Verizon, Tenable, Acer, One plus, etc.

He is currently working as an independent penetration tester for Yogosha. He has also been an invited speaker on various platforms such as (Cyversity, GSFC University, SecOnset, Rocheston).

Mayur’s statement was printed in Digital Media (October-2019) on bug bounty in the Times of India newspaper.

He has conducted various training programs along with this his 7 CVEs were published in the year (2020) with these practical and professional skills, Mayur is a certified (eLearn Security Junior Penetration Tester).


  • Session 1 & Session 2 (26th & 27th February 2022) 
    1. Definitions: Cyber Security, Cookie, Encryption, Decryption, Crypto system, Vulnerability etc.
    2. CIA Triad.
    3. Diff. between Information Security, Cyber Security & Computer Security.
    4. Types of Security: Network Security, Information Security & Web Security.
    5. Basic Introduction of Cyber Forensics.
    6. Basic Introduction of Cyber Crime Investigation.
  • Session 3 (March 6, 2022)
    1. History of Cyber Security Standards. 
    2. Fundamental & types of Computer Security.
    3. Cloud Computing Security.
    4. Cyber Threats.
  • Session 4 (March 13, 2022)
    1. Basics of Networking.
    2. Authorization & Authentication.
    3. Information Privacy.
    4. Mobile Security.
  • Session 5 (March 20, 2022)
    1. Social Engineering.
    2. Computer intrusions.
    3. Software Piracy.
    4. Viruses & Malicious Code.
  • Session 6 (March 27, 2022)
    1. Security Engineering.
    2. Crypto currency/BitCoins.
    3. Various E-attacks.
    4. Surveillance Technology & their associated threats.
  • Session 7 (April 3, 2022)
    1. Cyber Crime Investigation: Process.
    2. Tools Involved in Cyber Crime Investigation.
    3. Discovery of Evidence by various means.
  • Session 8 (April 10, 2022)
    1. Technicality behind Digital Signature.
    2. Hash Values & Algorithms.
    3. E-Signature related crimes.
    4. Session 9 (April 17, 2022)
    5. Challenges in WFH.
    6. Issues related to Removable Media.
    7. Issues related to Social Media & Email use.
    8. Are VPNs safe?
  • Session 10 (April 24, 2022)
    1. Blockchain & its associated pros and cons.
    2. AI & IoT Security.
    3. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  •  Session 11
    1. CV Assessment
    2. Personalized discussion on Job and Career Guidance


Start Date:  Free Sessions: Feb 26 & Feb 27, 2022 (Saturday & Sunday)

           Paid Sessions: March 6, 2022 – April 24, 2022 (Every Sunday)

  1. Please register by using the link: https://sites.google.com/view/wcsf-advanced-cyber-workshop/home
  2. Last date to register is 25th February, 2022.
  3. The Registration Fees is INR 999 (Early Bird Fees- INR 899).
  4. We have limited seats. So, register soon. 


  1. E-Certificate will be provided to all the active participants for paid sessions.
  2. Live sessions following short query sessions will be taken by the subject expert.
  3. Examples and real life cyber crime cases will be discussed to explain the concepts.
  4. Workshop Content will be shared at the end of the workshop. However, recordings can be provided. 
  5. Active participants may get the opportunity to work with us. 
  6. 30 minutes one to one session on “How can one prepare an effective CV” will also provided
  7. Discount coupon of 10% will be offered that can be redeemed for any one course within 6 months. 
  8. Ideal for those who want to know the basics of Cyber Security in order to enhance their knowledge. 


Mail: info@www.worldcybersecurities.com

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