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About Think India

Think India is a pan-India organization established with the aim to bring together the best talent of the country and to infuse in them a ‘Nation-First’ attitude. The organization seeks to develop a solution-based thinking and inspire young India to serve the society. It strives to promote social harmony, fulfil needs of India, support and motivate, activity in campuses, upliftment of rural India, support gender justice and support national interest. It also manifests progressive collaborations between the young, creative minds from national institutes like IITs, IIMs, NLUs and others.

About Aalekh

Aalekh is the latest initiative by Think India to further its goal of infusing ‘Nation-First’ thinking in the young talent of this nation and enabling this talent to positively contribute towards the growth and development of India.  The meaning of ‘Aalekh’ is to write. In today’s fast paced world, the act of writing something, penning down thoughts may seem very insignificant to some, many would underestimate the importance of this simple act. But it is imperative to remember that this simple act, through the centuries has not only inspired billions but has also changed the course of history to shape the world as we know it today. From Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s inspiring articles in Kesari, which helped fuel the freedom struggle to Swami Vivekananda’s writings which continue to inspire millions of youth to this day, the simple act of writing is something which has been instrumental in shaping today’s India.

As the celebrated French Novelist Gustave Flaubert said, “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”  With Aalekh, Think India aims to enable today’s youth to discover their beliefs, ideas and to use the art of article writing, to express their thoughts, opinions and beliefs in order to bring about tangible change in society.  In addition to enabling, inspiring the young talent of this nation to bring about tangible change, this workshop will also help them in many ways for their personal and professional growth.

About The Workshop

The workshop is a two-day online workshop which will be conducted in 3 sessions. The 3 sessions will encompass article writing in its various forms. The sessions shall be conducted by individuals who are experts in that specific form of article writing. For more information about the contents of the three sessions please refer to the brochure for the event. The three sessions are:

Session One: Freelance Article Writing

Session Two: Legal Article Writing

Session Three: Academic Article Writing


The workshop shall be conducted on 4th and 5th of July, 2020.


E-Certificates shall be given to all participants who register for the workshop.


The Workshop shall be conducted using Cisco Webex. Participants who register must have an internet connection, headphones/earphones with mic, a desktop/laptop.


  • Registration is Compulsory to attend the workshop.
  • The Registration fee is Rs. 50/- only.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • The participant has to pay the registration amount and register on this link: https://bit.ly/Aalekh


The Payment Instructions can be found on the registration link.


For any queries, feel free to drop in a word at web.thinkindia@gmail.com or reach out to us at +91 8652074247 / +91 9910290883

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