About the organizer

Faculty of Law, Oriental University, Indore is one of the premier law colleges established in Madhya Pradesh. It offers quality legal education at Undergraduate, Postgraduate levels, including, Diploma and Certificate courses in the areas of Cyber Laws and IPR specialization. The faculty of law also provides opportunities for pursuing Doctorate in Law.

About the competition

Topic: “Data privacy in a data driven world”

The world in the 21st century has become even more socially and ideologically interconnected than any other time in history. The credit for these falls squarely on the meteoric rise of social media and information technology, and the increasing availability and accessibility of the internet. Consequently, the increase in usage also causes an exponential surge in the data generated on digital platforms, ranging from frivolous to deeply private.

Every second, personal data on individuals is processed at work, in their interactions with government agencies, in the healthcare industry, when they make purchases, travel, or use the internet. Most people are unaware of the dangers associated with protecting their personal information and their rights in this regard. Rarely are people aware of their rights or the function of national data protection bodies, or what they may do if they believe their rights have been violated.

To raise awareness for this, The Council of Europe resolved to establish a Data Protection Day on April 26, 2006, to be observed annually on January 28, the day the Council of Europe’s data protection convention, known as “Convention 108,” was opened for signing. It is now celebrated internationally as Data Privacy Day. 

On this occasion in 2023, Oriental University Indore, is organizing a National Article Writing Competition on the topic “Data privacy in a data driven world”.

  • The sub themes can be decided by the author, but must be in relation to data privacy in the national or international context.
  • Open for students and research scholars from all fields. 

Submission guidelines: 

  • Single authorship
  • Word limit – 1000- 1500 words (excluding footnotes) 
  • Font – Times New Roman, 12 points 
  • Line spacing – 1.5, justified 
  • Citation style – APA 
  • Content should be the author’s original work and not plagiarized. The author would be liable for any plagiarized material. 
  • The submission file should be in Word format (docx) 

Timeline for the competition: 

  • Last registration date – 15th January 
  • Final submission date – 20th January 
  • Result – 31th January 

Registration fee structure: 

OU students – Rs 50/- 

Others – Rs 100/- 

Registration link: https://forms.gle/2qcgz3NDhC2eFaz29 

Prize details: 

  • Winner – Rs. 2000/- 
  • Runner’s up – Rs. 1000/- 
  • Participation e-certificate for every author  


Ms. Mona Khandelwal                      Mr. Priyansh Sharan                             Mrs. Rashmi Ranjan 

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