The Academic and Debating Committee of Chanakya National Law University, Patna, is delighted to present to you the XIIITH CNLU NATIONAL PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE from 23rd September 2022 to 25th September 2022.

About Chanakya National Law University

Chanakya National Law University (CNLU) is a state-level public law school and a National Law University in Patna, Bihar, India. It was established in 2006 with the aim to evolve and impart comprehensive legal education to students, provide advanced studies and legal research and promote legal awareness in the community.

About the Academic and Debating Society

Paradox, the Academic and Debating Society of Chanakya National Law University, is as time-honoured of an institution as the University itself. With time, the ADC of CNLU has grown into a popular debating circuit where the debating culture has been passed on from one academic batch to another while teaching essentials like oratory skills, teamwork, personality and knowledge enhancement, along with hospitality, effective management, coordination and organization when hosting offline Parliamentary debates.

Event Details

Coming back to our roots and restarting the culture of offline debating, this edition shall be held physically at the CNLU Patna campus. 

The tournament shall be held in the 3 v 3 Asian Parliamentary Debate (APD) format, and the high prize money at stake is as tempting as ever. This shall be an OPEN tournament (i.e., people who have completed their Under-Graduate or Post-Graduate studies or are not affiliated to any institution can apply too) along with Cross Teams, Novice Category while being a Pre-UADC Tournament.

Like previous editions, this year, too, we have a brilliant Core Adjudication Panel which promises you an exciting and hopefully a different experience- Abhishek Acharya, Vignesh Hariharan, Shruti Deb and Kevin Santosh.

So come this September, experience the best of offline debating at the 13th CNLU PD.


The tournament will be open to both institutional and cross teams and shall follow the 3-v-3 Asian Parliamentary Debating (N=N) format.

Important Dates

  1. The 13th Edition of the CNLU Parliamentary Debate shall be held from 23rd September, 2022 to 25th September, 2022.
  2. The Phase-II of registrations gets over by 07th September, 2022.

Prize Money

Total prize money amounting to more than INR 1.5 lacs, and an amazing debating experience.

Registration Fee

The Registration fee shall be Rs 2,500 per person for Debaters and Adjudicators, independent and/or institutional. We would be providing accommodation and food for 3 days to all the participants in Rs. 2,500 per person registration fee along with our LEGENDARY BREAK-NIGHT

Registration Links


If you have any queries, you can write to us at debsoc.cnlu@gmail.com or contact any of the members given below:

  • Ritul Aryan Tripathy (Convenor): +91 7485829185
  • Varnik Kundaliya (Convenor): +91 9012295507
  • Kushagra Kundan (Co-convenor): +91 7909000290
  • Seval Jain (Co-convenor): +91 7240069494

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