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About Knowledge Steez Edu. HUB

Started in the year 2012, by two students from NUJS, Kolkata, Knowledge Steez Edu HUB has walked past several milestones and never looked back, since then. The idea was to create a website where not only law students but also a student from the social sciences stream and remotely located law college, can look for academic and career opportunities.

To introduce, Knowledge Steez is a sincere effort to keep law students, researchers, scholars, academicians, and the teaching fraternity, updated with all the academic opportunities coming their way, so as to boost their careers and promote much wider Information dissemination. What we initially started as a blog, has now grown muscles and become one of India’s most popular websites for law students and faculties across India.

Knowledge Steez has signed various MOU with National, International universities and research think tanks like Pasundan University, Indonesia, ECLER Romania, Daffodil International University Bangladesh, IHMSAW Bangladesh, YHRI Nepal, Global Summer School on Law and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, etc.

About the Summit

Cyber Security has become a major concern and issue of discussion in all sectors because of advancements in technology and reliance by everyone on digital mode, specifically after Covid-19. Knowledge Steez is coming up with World Cyber Security Summit with a vision to bring together stakeholders, cyber security experts, lawyers, teachers and students from all across the globe on one platform to discuss the challenges pertaining to Cyber Security and their probable solutions.

The Covid-19 pandemic was unforeseen and what was more unforeseen was the absolute reliance on technology by everyone. Workplaces, classrooms, meetings, and everything else came on a virtual platform during lockdown due to Covid-19 where we were not well equipped or trained to use online platforms while ensuring that we are secure online. The number of cyber-attacks has increased multiple folds post lockdown and hence Cyber Security has become even more pressing concern now. The instances of phishing, false and fabricated URLS, misinformation being spread online, zoom bombing, etc are increasing gradually.

Therefore, Cyber Security has become a vital aspect for everyone, including companies, individuals, and governments, and no sector remains unaffected by cyber attacks. This Summit attempts to discuss the issue and hear out experts on this subject matter.

In this Summit, we will also be emphasizing the issues of data privacy, and social media crimes along with new advancements In technology such as the use of Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse. This Summit will serve as a great platform to network and engage in open discussions on the Issue of Cyber Security.

Career Development Workshop

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Enhance skills required to pursue career in Cyber space
  • Career prospects in the domain of cyber space
  • How to build your CV to grow as a Cyber Security professional
  • Certifications/ Diplomas/ Courses available
  • The new advancements in cyber space and importance of keeping yourself updated about the latest developments
  • Practical training available to gain expertise in cyber security domain

The Career Development Workshop will help the participants in understanding the challenges and potential of cyber space and will further enable them to comprehend different career paths in the domain of Cyber Space & Security. The workshop is a window to learn how one can build or enhance their skills to excel in this discipline! The participants will get to hear industry experts on their experience and journey in making a career in cyber space.

Sub Themes

The Cyber Security Summit is organized with the objective of promoting interdisciplinary research in the area of cyber law cybercrime, cyber security, and technology and encouraging the exchange of ideas. The following are the sub-themes and we invite participants to submit papers:

  • Pervasive spectrum sharing for public safety communications.
  • Synchronizing devices and impacts of internal safety
  • Data Privacy and Ridesharing Apps
  • Data Breach- The Best Defense is Vigilance
  • Law and cybercrime, Cyber forensics
  • Legal System and Technology
  • Business and Technology
  • Regulation of Blockchain technology
  • Regulation of Digital Platforms
  • SSL Certificates: What Consumers Need to Know?
  • Social Media Scams Based on Current Events • Cyber Security Concerns and Smartphones
  • Chatbots and Internet security.
  • The evolution of ransomware in the cybersecurity space • Metaverse
  • Digital Marks and Trademarks Dispute in CyberSpace
  • Online Hate Speech and liability of individuals in light of
  • Social Media Algorithms
  • Rise in Automotive Hacking
  • Digital Rights Management(copyright) and liability of Intermediaries
  • Effectiveness of security systems like two-factor authentication
  • White hat and black hat hackers

Kindly note that the above list is not exhaustive and the abstracts can be submitted on any topic pertaining to Cyber Security.

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Deadline: 18th October 2022

Intimation of abstract selection: One week from the submission of abstract

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 22nd October 2022

Last Date for Registration: 15th October 2022

Cyber Security Dialogue

The Cybersecurity Dialogue is to promote dialogue and a working relationship between security experts, technologists and policymakers.

Our Speakers are public, private sector professionals, academicians, policy and technology leaders whose perspectives guide us as we strengthen our community in business, government and academe.

We invite you to join the conversation designed for active engagement for those who are looking forward to expert opinions on the topic and a platform to exchange ideas.


  • Cybersecurity Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Accelerated change: Cyber Security
  • Secure your network – Segmentation and Segregation
  • Cyber Security and Forensics Science



Academicians, Research Scholar, Lawyers, Cyber Experts and others
For Indians- 1500 INR
For International- 100$
For Indians- 700INR
For International- 60$


Academicians, Research Scholars, Lawyers, Cyber Experts and Students
For Indians- 900 INR
For International- 50$

To register, click here

Our Eminent Speakers-

Ms. Mugdha Sinha- IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Science and Technology (Govt. of Rajasthan)
Prof. Triveni Singh- IPS, SP- Cyber Crime, UP Police
Shifa Cyclewala- Founder, Breach Point Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Nimish Goyal- Manager- Cybersecurity at EY
Vineet Kumar- Founder & President, CyberPeace foundation
Dr. Ashok Wadje- Registrar, MNLUA/ CYBER LAW EXPERT
Debarati Halder- Honorary Managing Director, Center For Cyber Victim Counselling & Vice President, Working to Halt Online Abuse.
Professor K. Jaishankar –Founder Principal Director & Professor of Criminology & Crime Sciences at IICSS
Ms. Shruti Bisht- Advocate, Supreme Court of India, President, National Cyber Security Council, WICCI
Ms. NS Nappinai- Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Founder, Cyber SAATHI

Note- Paper presentation fees will include the participation fees for other activities of the summit. No Extra fees will be charged

Mention “KATCHERI.IN” in reference column.

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