Workshop on the role of forensic science in criminal investigation By Legal Saviour Academy : Registrations Open


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About Forensic Science:

Forensic Science is related with tests and techniques scientifically mannered, mainly used in detection of something under investigation or to detect something under question. It is mainly associated with men, places and time. There are various branches further classified in forensic science adding wide horizons for investigation in a detailed manner. Time and again, in criminal investigation, forensic science proves to be effective and helpful likewise in collecting evidences like fingerprints, bite marking, DNA, footwear mark, hair analysis, etc.

About our keynote Speakers:

Dr. Asha Srivastava
Principal Scientific Officer &  Head
Forensic Science Department
Central Forensic Science Laboratory
Central Bureau of Investigation

Dr. Jaskaran Singh
Head of Department
Forensic Science Department
Lovely Professional University

Date of the event:

1st March 2020


Federation of Gujarat Industries Center, Gotri-Sevasi Road, Vadodara, Gujarat


12 PM to 7 PM

  • Students  Professionals upto two years: for females Rs.300/- and for males Rs.500/
  • Professionals above two years experience: for females Rs.700/- and for males Rs.1000/-
  •  Refreshments
  • Stationary kit
  •  Lunch
  • Participation Certificate
  • 50 percent off to all those participants if they are interested to publish in journal “JOURNAL FOR LAW STUDENTS AND RESEARCHERS [ISSN(O) : 2582-306X].
Payment Methods:

Paytm : Deepesh Jaindani (9033361476)
Google Pay : Deepesh Jaindani (9428674980)

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Note : Registration on first come first basis. On spot registration available subject to availability of the seats. Double the amount of fees for on spot registration.

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