About Hoot Welfare Society

Hoot Welfare Society is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to nurturing students for a better world. It aspires to facilitate students to harness their knowledge and intelligence in a smart way for the welfare of the society working in the field of nourishment. Seeking student’s nourishment is its main focus. Students themselves do charity in a good & smart way with their knowledge and intelligence. Currently, Hoot Welfare Society is working in the five domains:

  1. Smriti (Social Nourishment)
  2. Jeev Sharan Grah (Animal Nourishment)
  3. Heal (Medical Nourishment)
  4. Swaraj (Student Nourishment)
  5. Law Bloom (Legal Nourishment)

About Law Bloom

Under Law Bloom, Hoot Welfare Society organizes events; provide opportunities to students & stakeholders. Law Bloom is a group of committed people across the country working selflessly for the welfare of the underprivileged.

The purpose of creating this domain is to serve society through the people in legal field. This is a non-profit organization; hence, you are a direct beneficiary. Law Bloom collectively and voluntarily works to serve-society and law at large. It is all for a noble cause.

About the Event

The issue of social justice relates to human rights, based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion and disability, focusing on improving the lives of disadvantaged groups. Social justice needs people to have the resources and the platform to engage in the development of policies that impact their well-being. In doing so, our country’s youth can play an important role. Through this meeting, the organizer attempts to discuss with the speakers ‘The Role of Youth in Procuring Social Justice in Our Society’.

Resource Persons

Narendra Yadav, IRS Vishwa Bhushan Mishra Aastha Chadha, Advocate, Delhi High Court
Mr. Narendra Yadav is an IRS. He is currently working with Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Government of India, Central Board Of Indirect Taxes & Customs

GST & Central Excise Delhi East Zone

Mr. Vishwa Bhuahsn Mishra is Deputy Collector at Government of Uttar Pradesh and Protocol Officer at Parliament of India. Ms. Aastha Chadha is a 3rd generation lawyer with an excellent and in-depth experience in advisory and litigation (Civil, IBC, Matrimony, Family, Cheque bounce, Succession, etc.). She is also empanelled with leading companies and institutions.

Who Can Participate?

  • Anyone from any discipline can participate. 

Platform Details

  • The event will be held in virtual (Online) mode on Microsoft Teams. Therefore, all the participants are requested to install Microsoft Teams either on Desktop (also accessible on Web at teams.microsoft.com) or Mobile Devices.

Date & Time

  • The event will be held on the “World Day of Social Justice (20th February, 2021)” at 04:00PM-05:00PM*.

* Subject to availability of the resource person.

Registration Details

The Registration is absolutely free. One can register through this link or https://bit.ly/2MWpO2c.


The registration will close on 19th February at 05:00 PM.

Contact Details

Note: E-certificates will be given to all those who fill the feedback form. The same will be emailed within 15days after the event.

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