LEX MACULA is a registered NGO under the Societies Registration Act, 1861. We are a youth organisation specializing in organizing moot courts, debates, seminars and other legal competitions for a much better learning experience than what is offered to the law students. Driven by a sense of excellence and talent in the young minds, a variety of mediums are provided to help students achieve perfectionism in every domain of the legal field. The vision at Lex Macula is based around equality of opportunity in the field of law. By creating a community of law students, all students are delivered an equal shot at growing and learning.

THE PARLEY PROJECT is a student-led initiative which focuses on research-driven solutions for global agendas. Started in 2020 the project aims to be a platform where students like us can voice their opinions and hone the understanding of the world around them. We aim to connect students and professionals for mutually insightful discussions and conversations about various pressing agendas. Through various youth conferences and carefully curated agenda-specific events we wish to bring together inquisitive minds to research and provide new insights to contemporary issues and come up with solutions for the same.


Living in a time when webinars are the new normal, we hope to make this a little more accessible bridging the gap between the law and the citizen. Attend this session to see two stalwarts of the LGBTQIA+ movement breakdown what it means to be queer in an Indian beyond the 377 judgement, not just the law but the aspirations of an ordinary queer Indian.

It is time that our whole community becomes a part of the conversation regarding the LGBTQIA+ community and how things have shaped for them since the decriminalisation of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code in 2018. We have a legal luminary in the form of Senior Advocate Mr. Anand Grover, as well as renowned Gay rights activist Mr. Ashok Row Kavi on the panel so that the participants get an overall perspective on the current situation and what further changes can be implemented for the betterment of the community. We aim to provoke discussion and raise awareness on this topic, which we hope will also bring some much-needed changes in the society.

Keeping this spirit in mind and celebrating the International Pride Month, 2020 we duly invite everyone to attend our webinar on the topic “The Rainbow and the Gavel-Queer Freedom beyond Section 377” on 27th June,2020 at 3:30PM.


Mr. Anand Grover is a designated Senior Advocate practicing in the Supreme Court of India and he is also the Director of the HIV/AIDS Unit of the Lawyer’s Collective(India) and the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health (2008-2014).

Out of the many cases that he has fought, Mr. Grover also argued the very important and landmark case of Naz Foundation v Govt. of NCT of Delhi in which he represented Naz Foundation which, just like him, had been fighting for equal rights of the LGBTQI Community.

Mr. Ashok Row Kavi is the Founder and former Chairman of the Mumbai-based LGBT rights NGO Humsafar Trust, which he founded in 1994. He has also been an ardent journalist, and had a career spanning over 18 years.

The first man to publicly come out as gay in India way back in 1984, Mr. Row Kavi was also one of many who had petitioned for the removal of Section 377, which criminalises homosexuality. Mr. Ashok Row Kavi is India’s oldest and most vocal gay rights activist today.


Date and day- 27th June (Saturday)

Timings- 3:30PM-5PM

Medium – Via Video Conferencing (the details shall be sent via the confirmation email)

Fee-The registration fee for the webinar is Rs.100/- and all the participants who attend the session will be given an e-certificate.





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