About the Organizers:

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About the Event:

“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.” With these words of ― Charles-Louis de Second at, baron de la Brède et de Montesquieu, The Spirit of the Laws.

While the pandemic brought along multiple challenges, the team of LEGITIMATE SCRUTINY has been working hard to make the most out of the situation, by listening to eminent people in the legal fraternity, so that the never-ending quest for knowledge keeps going.

The free of cost International webinar over the topic International Commercial Arbitration Law will educate Indian students and enhance their horizons of knowledge.

The keynote speaker to the event is Maria Jose Alarcon. 

Ms. Maria is an international attorney licensed to practice law in Ecuador and Spain. She has broad experience in international arbitration and corporate transactions in the energy and infrastructure sectors. At Cotney, Maria handles international law issues and conducts research on foreign direct investment relating to energy and infrastructure projects. Maria is fluent in Spanish and English and proficient in French.

About the Speaker:

Maria earned her LL.M. with an Environmental Law Certificate at Duke University School of Law where she performed research at the Global Financial Markets Center. Her research focused on climate change and financial innovation. Before graduating from Duke, Maria attended Harvard University Summer School, founded and led the model Unvied Nations Club at Universidad de Navarra, and served as a Chair of Harvard Model United Nations at IE Business School.

Prior to joining Cotney a well-known advisor and legal counsel for contractors. , Maria worked as an associate in Europe in the energy and infrastructure department of a prestigious law firm. Additionally, Maria has been a senior consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization in the United Nations in international law issues and the Head Counsel of Civil Litigation and Research at a prominent law firm in Ecuador.

Education :

  • Duke University School of Law, LL.M., with Environmental Law Certificate
  • IE Business School, Dual LLM in Corporate Law & Spanish General Law
  • Universidad De Los Hemisferios, Attorney at Law
  • Universidad de Navarra, LL.B in Global Law
  • Harvard University Summer School, Comparative Politics & Financial Accounting.

The webinar session shall discuss following points:

-What is Arbitration, specifically International Commercial Arbitration?

-It’s Procedures, Methods.

-It’s types, such as, Ad-hoc, Institutional, Fast Track, etc.

-Relevance of Arbitration as a Subject for Law Students.

-Status of Mechanism and Growth of Arbitration Worldwide.

About the Moderator:

The Moderator of the event will be Dr. Lakshmi Priya

she is currently associated with Law College Dehradun as an associate professor from 2019. She is a member and active contributor to ISIL ( Indian Society of International Law), IIPA (Indian Institute of Public Administration), ICADR (International Council for Alternate Dispute Resolution), IWAS (Indian Associate for Women’s Studies, SASCV ( South Asian Society for Criminology and Victimology), the CySI (Cyber Society of Indian), and is the CO Founder for Legal Labs having participated in over 50 international and national conferences in india and abroad as an invited delegate and speaker with over twenty publications in recognized journals and law magazines.


All students pursuing an under-graduate/post-graduate/doctorate degree shall be eligible.

Any person holding an under-graduate/post-graduate/doctorate degree shall be eligible.


Last Date of Registration-14th -MAY-2021;11:59PM

Webinar date – 15th-May-2021.



Reporting Time: 06:25PM

Webinar starts at: 06:30PM


 Registrations are Free of cost. [INR 0.00]

Register at- http://tiny.cc/LS-Webinar-Arb



5 Lucky participants will receive 1 week International internship under the guidance of Ms. Maria Jose Alarcon.

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