VIT-AP School of Law, in collaboration with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) is organising the first National Moot Court Competition on Competition Law 2022-23 in Physical Mode.


VIT-AP School of Law (VSL) established as part of VIT-AP University, near Vijayawada, VSL is established to impart quality legal education with a robust curriculum that prepares students for future legal challenges.

The main objective is to promote global legal professionals with a passion for the ideals of social justice. Based on the common objective and to promote a holistic legal education the Competition Commission of India and VIT-AP School of Law are intending to organise events to promote awareness among the students on Competition Law.

Competition law is an emerging field of law, working at the confluence of law and economic. A core objective of competition law is to prohibit firms from engaging in conduct, which will distort the competitive process and harm competition. Competition law and its robust enforcement becomes a prerequisite for ensuring that the economic environment remains competitive and business deals adhere to the principles of fair competition and do not distort the market. In this context, there is pressing need to advance nuanced approach to create awareness and facilitate the young minds with an opportunity to debate on such emerging areas in the field of competition law.  With the aim of fostering quality research and debate on competition law matters.


  1. The competition is open to students enrolled on a regular basis as fulltime learners in Undergraduate Law Program (3 Year/ 5 Year) or its equivalent Law degree conducted by any recognized Institution / College/ University operative in India and recognised by Bar Council of India.
  2. Eligibility for becoming a team member: A Student may become a team member if he / she is pursuing a full time Law Undergraduate Degree program conducted by a recognised institution as stated above.
  3. Each team shall comprise of three members. A team comprising of only two members, both to be designated as speakers, may be allowed by VSLMCC, if there exist any exceptional situation. Team comprising of three members, at least one member must be designated as a Researcher.


The official working language of the National Moot Court competition is English.


Registration for the National Moot Court Competition is of two-step process:

  1. First, students are required to register as a team of two/three students, this process will not require to pay the registration fee.
  2. Second, Final Registration will be done after the declaration of memorial results, where the selected teams are required to register and pay the prescribed fee of ₹4,000/-

Teams must confirm their participation latest by 10 February, 2023. Registration is a two-step process as above-mentioned.  Participating teams after declaration of memorial results shall do the final registration online (form will be circulated with the declaration of memorial results) by uploading the screenshot of the payment on 18th March 2023.

The registration form should be filled after making the payment of ₹4000 and uploading the confirmation/screen short/photocopy of the same along with a bona fide Authority Letter (Annex. I of Rules) issued by the authority (Dean/HoD/Moot Court Coordinator) of their college/University and Accommodation and Travel Form (provided in Rule 13 of the Competition) if opted for accommodation.

Each Team must register by filling up the pre-registration Google form through the given link.

  1. Prior information regarding change in composition of team must be communicated in advance via mail before or on 18th March 2023.
  2. The Teams are required to send a bona fide Authority Letter (enclosed under part A, Annex. I) Issued by the appropriate dealing authority of their college /University.


The Fee prescribed for registration of each team is ₹4000/. Teams may confirm their participation by applying and submitting prescribed fee ₹4000/-through NEFT/ RTGS/ Online transfer in the below mentioned University bank details at the time of final registration.

Registration fee & accommodation fee will be non-refundable, in case of non-participation or of any other reasons. No communication related with the same will be entertained.


  1. The National Moot Court Competition winners will be awarded a “Trophy, Cash Prize and Free 1 year of SCC Online Subscription for the team of three worth ₹81000”, medals for the three participants of the team, and certificates.
  2. The Runners up team will be awarded a “Trophy, Cash Prize and Free 1 year of EBC Online Subscription for the team of three worth ₹43500”, individual medals and certificates.
  3. There will be a Best Advocate “Trophy and Cash Prize”. This prize will be awarded to the participant who is adjudged by the organising committee to have performed best during her/his oral presentations in the preliminary rounds.
  4. There will be a Best Memorial Award and Cash Prize. The memorials, which are submitted to the Committee (VSLMCC) will be evaluated by the academicians and the best memorial will be chosen among them to award this prize.
  5. There will be a “Best Researcher Award and Cash Prize”. A written test will be conducted to decide the “Best Researcher”. Questions for researchers’ test will be framed based upon the factual circumstances of the Moot Proposition and the principles applicable thereto. This researchers test is open only for the designated researchers of the Participating Teams. In case of a tie, the score of the memorials will be considered to decide the “Best Researcher”.
  6. Each participant in the National Moot Court Competition will be given a certificate of participation.

Cash Prize for Winners : ₹1,00,000 + Free 1 year of SCC Online Subscription worth ₹81000

Cash Prize for Runners: ₹70, 000+ Free 1 year of EBC Online Subscription worth ₹43500

Cash Prize for Best Speaker: ₹15, 000

Best Researcher: ₹15, 000 &

Best Memorials: ₹15, 000


Last date for Pre-Registration: 10 February, 2023

Last date for Clarifications: 12 February, 2023

Release of Clarifications: 14 February, 2023

Submission of soft copy: 25 February, 2023

Declaration of Memorial results: 11 March, 2023

Final Registration: 18 March, 2023

Draw of lots (Physical mode): 15 April, 2023

Preliminary rounds: 16 April, 2023

Quarter finals: 16 April, 2023

Researchers’ test: 16 April, 2023

Semi finals: 17 April, 2023

Finals: 17 April, 2023

Valedictory: 17 April, 2023


Teams may request for clarifications by writing an email at mcc.vsl@vitap.ac.in or may telephonically contact to the persons designated as Student Convenors and Co-Conveners for Moot Court Competition 2023.



Prof. Mula Sneha Goud, Email Id: mcc.vsl@vitap.ac.in


Mr. Palash Verma +91 9597404403

Ms. Penumaka Srinikhi +91 7416925799


Ms. Pilla Mounisha Sai +91 9063214205

Mr. Sutharsan +91 9626033962

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