1. About the Organisers

The VIT School of Law (VITSOL), the progeny of VIT University is one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai. It entered the legal arena in 2014, aiming at high goals to be achieved. The Law School aims to impart quality legal education to equip the young minds with knowledge of law, teach them the nuances of the legal profession and make them aware of the nitty gritty of the profession. To improve the advocacy skills the school runs moot court and debate societies. Through these societies various International / National level programs are conducted. The school regularly organises Moot Court Competitions, both in national and international law, National level debate competitions, International / National Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, and Legal Aid programme, positioning us among the best Law Colleges.

2. Details of the event

VITness Leadership Summit is a flagship event of VIT School of Law. Known among munners in the circuit for its versatile participation of delegates from across the country and intriguing committees and topics chosen for discussion. Over the years we have hosted a variety of committees which have discussed important global issues.

VITness Leadership Summit is well-appreciated for its choice of diversity in committees including Indian Committees like the All Indian Political Parties Meet & the Lok Sabha.

This year marks the 5th edition of VITness leadership summit, now VLS MUN 2022 and is scheduled to take place on 30th September and 1st October, 2022 at VIT Chennai.

3. Eligibility

This event is open to all students – School / College / even immediate pass outs.

4. Location (country/state/city)

The event is scheduled to take place physically at VIT University, Chennai Campus on 30th September and 1st October, 2022. This event is open Pan India and encourages participants from any state or city.

5. Registration/submission procedure

The event consists of 5 committees for this edition:

1. UNHRC – United Nations human rights committee

2. DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee

3. AIPPM – All India Political Parties Meet

4. ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council

5. IP – International Press

The registration link for VLS MUN 2022 is –  https://linktr.ee/VLS2022

Round 3 applications are now open. Kindly use the above mentioned link to apply.

6. Fee details (if any)

Individual participant – Rs.1500/-

Individual participation with accommodation – Rs.2800/- 

7. Prizes(if any)

A) Individual awards :

Best delegate

High commendation

Special mention

Honourable mention

Verbal mention

B) Best delegation award: (qualification)

1. Minimum 15 delegates are required to be a part of the delegation to qualify as a delegation

2. At Least 2 delegates should be present in every committee (minimum 1 delegate in International Press)

3. Delegation heads are requested to send an email with the names and portfolios of their delegation to vitnessleadershipsummit2022@gmail.com

8. Deadlines/Dates

Round 3 applications close on – 21st September, 2022

9. Contact Information

A) For further details, contact:

USG Delegate Affairs-

Piyush Bagdi: +91 8668008167

Arvind Pandey: +91 73585 15264

B) Official link

Application link : https://linktr.ee/VLS2022

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