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Think India is a pan India Initiative to bring together the best talents of the country and to infuse in them a “Nation First” attitude, aimed at developing the nationalistic spirit and inspiring young India to be of service to the society. It aims to bring the best minds of the country and the Leaders of Tomorrow on one platform to discuss and deliberate upon issues of National Importance.
Students might be worried about losing out an opportunity because of the pandemic and not using their time productively therefore, Think India is all set to host Think India National E-Model United Nations on 5th and 6th September 2020
This shall act as a medium for students to deliberate upon the issues of National and Internation importance along with enhancing their skills, We are of the strong opinion that this shall be a life-changing opportunity for all the stakeholders. The TIMUN shall have following committees and agendas:
1. War CabinetAgenda Classified
2. UNHRCDeliberation on Human Rights Violation in Tibet and Right to Statehood as Human right.
3. UNSCDeliberation on dismissing China as permanent member of Security Council.
4. Lok SabhaDeliberation on Population Control Bill, Uniform Civil Code and Anti -Conversion Laws
The Delegate Registration Fee is Rs. 350/- per person.
Register yourself using this link:
All the Delegates will be provided with Participation Certificate and Internship Opportunity.
CASH PRIZES WORTH Rs. 30,000 /- for winners!!
For any queries contact:
Pradhyumna: 9111111325
Rugved: 7887611810
You may visit the social media handles for more updates :
What are you waiting for? Gear up for the #MUNkiBaat in Think India National E-Model United Nations

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