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About us:

The Opinionators Model United Nations (TOMUN) is an online conference where delegates get the opportunity to represent a particular country and discuss world issues to formulate their best resolutions. TOMUN aims to engage students & stimulate a deeper understanding of current world issues, develop their critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities. Our mantra is to Face Everything And Rise (F.E.A.R).

About the Conference:

Dates – 31st October & 1st November, 2020

Platform – Zoom

The committees being simulated are as follows:

  1. Lok Sabha-  Deliberation upon Caste and Economic Reservation in India.
  2. United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) – Rising Racism and Xenophobia around the world.
  3. World health organization (WHO)- Outlining of global response arrangements with special emphasis on Covid 19 pandemic.
  4. Money Heist- Classified

Delegate Registration Fees– Rs. 200/-

NOTE: Profits will be given to Vishalakshi Foundation for a good cause.

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– Cash prizes upto Rs. 5000.

– E – Certificate to all

– Chance of becoming member of secretariat in the next edition 

-Discounts on courses.

– Training sessions.

– Subscription of OTT platform.

Director General
Ishita Dwivedi:- 9582647857

Secretary General
Diva Zalani:- 8519012206

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