About the Center for Study and Research in IPR (CSRIPR):
This Centre was founded in response to an escalating need felt by scientists, lawyers, technologists and companies. The object was, and still is, to gain a thoughtful knowledge in patent, trade marks, design and copyright law. More in meticulous the CSRIPR wishes to gain a better insight and glimpse into new and evolving areas of intellectual property law (such as the protection of software, semi-conductor products and biotechnological inventions, standardisation and technology transfers) and the general problems of patents, trade marks, designs and copyright.To concretize these objects the CSRIPR will organize a manifold of activities on an interdisciplinary level. These activities include fundamental research, the gathering of documentation, organizing conferences and scientific service to the community.

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that CSRIPR is going to conduct a talk on the topic of “IP Litigation” with the expert in Intellectual Property Rights.

Guest of Honour:
Ms. Akshatha M Patel
Trademark and Patent Attorney
Aarde Law ChambersDate and Timings:
The Talk will be conducted on 29th January 2022 [12:00 PM to 1:00 PM IST |

Google meet: Meet – gef-xuuc-pue (
For any query mail at:
Event Coordinator:
Harshal Bhale [+91 6200 557 528]
Pritesh Raj [+91 8420974946]

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