About the organization

An advisory specializing in direct selling business models in various countries, including India, Canada, the US, and the UK.

Being the foremost of its kind agency in India, Strategy India has a whole load of ‘Firsts’ and ‘Only’ assigned to its credit.

  • The only direct selling consulting agency in the world which studies twenty new MLM operations every week.
  • The only direct selling consulting agency in the world that advises clients on the business model’s sustainability.
  • The only agency in the world equipped with a ‘Heads Up’ research set up to search, analyze and list unviable MLM operations in a ‘Scam Alert’ list.
  • The only direct selling consulting agency in the world to conduct dedicated training workshops for police officials to help them better comprehend the core differences between MLM Scams and legitimate Direct Selling – MLM companies and equip them with various techniques for conducting investigations into direct selling companies and allied businesses including ways of collecting evidence that will hold good before the court and further, the investigation process while giving fruitful results of their endeavors.
  • The only agency in the world to develop precise definitions of essential terms used by the Direct Selling industry, some of which have been later used in subsequently drafted legislations.
  • The only agency in the world to develop guidelines for Direct Selling and submit them to the government (Ministry of Corporate Affairs in November 2012) as a first step to discipline the industry and separate the good from the bad.
  • The only agency to develop a select list of Products (Products to be promoted with certain conditions via Direct Selling).
  • The only agency to establish a Negative list of Products (Products not to be promoted via Direct Selling) from 2012 onwards.

Domains of expertise

  • Specialize in guiding the brands to take the best approach to set up a direct selling channel.
  • The team members have physically operated as Direct Sellers, Team Leaders, Employees, and Consultants with numerous Direct selling companies – both on their behalf and in cooperation with investigative agencies.
  • Possess rich experience in starting up many successful direct selling operations worldwide. As a result, the agency is equipped to pre-empt the future of direct selling and develop a foundation accordingly for a long-lasting, stable, and profitable business.
  • Part of the reason the work is so successful is because of the level of insight into knowing the behaviors that need to be promoted and translated into the ecosystem. Ample amounts of time & effort is invested in research, observations, and developing strategies to satiate the demands of clients.
  • Understanding the triggers that motivate this unique market, with a deep understanding of the gaps between levels/targets. This insight helps provide a uniquely designed course of action for the clients, which is efficient and structured to succeed.
  • Understand the need for “just the right information” being provided to the investors/partners. Emphasis is always on getting an excellent deal between the parties that satiates the diverse interests of all concerned.
  • Study of multi-level marketing operations since the last 13 years wherein analyze around twenty new MLM operations per week. This discipline has polished the knowledge on the latest developments in the industry while giving the cutting-edge advantage on due diligence, evaluations, and total research output for the clients.
  • Awareness of this business model’s apparent and not so evident opportunities and liabilities ensures the ability to carve out a unique path for clients.
  • Onboard experts around law and business alike ensure success.

This complete understanding enables Strategy India to deliver the best, each time to each client, with the focus on time-tested strategies that are guaranteed to work.

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 About the Competition 


The blog’s theme should revolve around the Impact of the upcoming Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021.

  1. Recent Trends in Money circulation using the MLM compensation
  2. The Need for Legislation for the Direct Selling-MLM Industry
  3. The need to standardize the terminology used by MLM operations
  4. The need for preventive policing against the unsustainable MLM operations

Themes are restrictive in nature and the submission must be based on the themes indicated.


The best three blogs shall receive a cash prize worth Rs. 5000/- along with the certificate of accomplishment.

Prize breakup: – 1st Prize Rs. 2500/-, 2nd Prize Rs. 1500/-, 3rd Prize Rs. 1000/-

Further, the ten best entries shall receive the certificate of appreciation along with the publication of the blogs on the official website of Strategy India.

Word Limit

The submission may be on the indicated theme with a prescribed word limit of 2000 – 2500 words (including footnotes).

Entries are subjected to conform to the set of guidelines, which follows: –

Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions must be in Times New Roman, font size 12, Spacing 1.5.
  • All footnotes should be in Times New Roman 10 single-spaced and conform to any recognized uniform form of citation.
  • All the word limits are inclusive of footnotes.
  • The manuscript should accompany a covering letter specifying the author’s name, designation, institute, contact number, and e-mail for future reference.
  • All entries should be submitted in .doc or .docx formats.
  • The Manuscripts must be submitted in Google Form.

Google Form Link –

  • The common terms used in the blog must be in accordance with the terms used in the direct selling industry. These terms can be accessed at –
  • The author(s) bear sole responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted manuscript’s facts, opinions, or views.
  • In case of any gross plagiarism found in the contents of the submitted manuscript, the manuscript shall be subject to rejection.
  • The permissible limit of plagiarism is 10 % on Turnitin.


The Last Date for submissions is 20th September 2021 by 11:00 P.M. (Indian Standard Time)

Strategy India shall retain all copyright arising out of any publications, and only the moral rights will vest with the author.

No Registration Fees


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