A petition filed by the Minister for reconsideration.

Six ministers from 6 non-BJP states, involving Maharashtra, again knocked on the door of the Supreme Court today to reconsider the government’s finding to hold the Common Entrance Test (JEE Mains) for Engineering Admission and the National Eligibility Test (NEET) for Medical next month.

According to the strategy, the ‘JEE’ exam will be held between 1st to 6th September, while the ‘NEET’ exam will be held on 13th September.

The court had dismissed the petition against NEET and JEE in the third week of August. The court had said that a year of students could not be wasted under the name of Corona. The number of these examination centres has been increased, and strict enforcement of health rules has been made mandatory. But other opposition parties, including the Congress, have insisted on cancelling the exam.

The governments of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Punjab filed a petition in the court today.

There are now 3.3 million Corona Patients in the country, and the situation is critical so that the exam will be a game with the lives of students, the reconsideration petition said.

Reported By : Sahil Gosavi

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