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Saveetha School of Law was established in 2009 with the vision of imparting top-quality legal education to its students. The school maintains high standards of academic integrity by consistently focusing on legal research and training of its staff and students.

Its academic autonomy has provided the school with room to adapt to flexible and innovative methods of teaching using cutting edge technology in its fully digitalised classroom environment. The journey thus far has been remarkable and the School continues to constantly strive and work towards emerging as one of the leading institutions in the field of legal education.

About Legathon, 2022

The Saveetha Law School, Chennai is launching the Legathon as a way to encourage Students, IT Professionals, Application Developers etc., to use their talents and imaginations to come up with creative solutions to some of the Industry’s most complicated and unmet needs. We are looking for creative solutions to today’s legal issues, from all the sectors of the country as mentioned above. Besides the financial prizes, you will also have the option to work on your original work in collaboration with Saveetha School of Law.

Categories of Participation:

1. DileEante (For Students only).

 2. Deft (For Professionals)

The participants of the above mentioned two categories should assess the stages below and participate in the Legathon in any of the three stages mentioned below:

Stage 1: Planning/ Emphathising Stage (Any new idea which has not been commercially exploited through a product)

Stage 2: Prototype Design Stage (The idea was found to be executable and if proceeded with a design a prototype can be made)

Stage 3: Testing and Implementation of Prototype (The prototype has satisfied the criteria for MVP and is ready to go to market)

Selection Criteria:

Procedure for Submission:

a. In any category and stage, a team can only submit one proposal/idea, and the submission deadline must be carefully adhered to.

b. There will be no further extensions granted. Only the required format should be used to submit each team’s proposal.

c. After the deadline, requests for changes to the proposal/ idea will not be considered.

Novelty and clarity of the idea, practicality, practicability, and sustainability of the idea, as well as the extent of the idea’s influence on society at large, will all be


1st Prize – Rs. 5000

2nd Prize- Rs. 3000

3rd Prize – Rs. 2000

Competitor’s Guide to Competition:

  • A team must have a minimum of three members and a maximum of five.

  • Fees for Students: 500 Rs and for Professionals: 700 Rs. Lunch will be provided.

  • Event is scheduled to happen on 17th June 2002 between 9AM – 3.15 PM.

  • The winners will be announced by the end of the event or before 18th June 2022.

  • The registration form and proposal must specify the team’s type (DileEante/Deft) and stage of entry/submission.

  • It is not possible to change the team composition after it has been submitted.

  • Teams from the same institution or organisation are not limited.

  • It is possible for a team to have members from different organisations.

  • A student team can only have students on it who are officially enrolled in a Law School/ College that has been approved by the NAAC.

  • There is only one category for teams with at least one professional member: the professional one.

  • The name and contact information for the team’s leader should be included in the job description.

  • The team leader will be the only person who can provide information about the competition to the rest of the team members.

  • Each team’s presentation time will be made clear in advance at the introduction of the event in SSL campus.

  • The entire team will be disqualified if any member of the team misbehaves during the competition.

  • In order for an idea to be considered innovative, it must address a problem in the ‘Law or Legal Profession’. If the registration of candidates exceeds a certain limit, the topic would be narrowed down to ‘Constitutional Law’.

  • Participants shall submit the proof of payment in the google form without fail, non-submission of proof will terminate the registration of the participants and their funds will refunded if debited from their A/C.


  • ★  The expert panel’s decision is final, and no other correspondence will be entertained regarding it.

  • ★  Considering the pandemic the situation, the event may anytime be converted to online mode.

Category Specific Rules

Planning/ Emphathising Stage– Participants must have

proof of concept ready. Webpage designs, Research materials etc. must be available at the time of competition.

Testing and Implementation of Prototype – Minimum viable product/prototype should be ready while entering the competition

Registration Fees:

For Students – 500 Rs Per Team

For Professionals – 700 Rs Per Team

Pay To:

Payee Name: Saveetha School of Law CME Account No. 1248135000002593 IFSC Code: KVBL0001248, Branch – Ponnamalle High Road.

Important Dates:

Deadline for Registration: 12-06-2022

Event Date: 17- 06-2022

Venue: Saveetha School of Law VND Nagar, Ponnamalle, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600056

For any queries, Please Contact:-

1. Alwin Fredrick. Y, Faculty.


2. Dhaaranee. K, Student.


3. Rajalakshmi. T. N, Student.


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