Background of the Conclave
We, at PCGT, strive to promote good governance, sadbhavna in citizens, and ethical values amongst the youth. PCGT successfully organized the first edition of the Conclave in 2021 on the theme “Unity in Diversity” and hosted eminent speakers such as Mr. Jawhar Sircar, Mr. Aspi Chinoy, and Mr. Satish Sahney.

We’re glad to be back with the 2nd edition of the Two-Day Virtual Conclave on April 9 and 10, 2022 (Saturday and Sunday) in association with Pravin Gandhi College of Law. The theme for the PCGT Conclave this year is “Global Peace and Security”, which is also the foundational principle of the UN Charter.  With recent instances of aggression and terror across the globe, it is important to restore the faith of the people in the said principle and to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war and aggression.  The Conclave is being organized by PCGT’s Lead Ambassadors and it will host attendees from various age groups through a variety of events like Model UN, Open Mic and Dialogues, etc. on various aspects of Global Peace and Security – ranging from lessons from the past to its relevance in the current times.
Background of the Panel Discussion
In the era of development when technology is growing rapidly all over the world and benefiting the people around it, people are finding newer and different ways of committing crimes. Therefore, development in the recent decade in the field of technology contributed immensely toward the growth of cybercrimes and surveillance. In the
background of this ever-increasing concern regarding surveillance as well as regarding cyber security, it’s important to know various ways to stay safe and secure on the internet.
Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT) in association with Pravin Gandhi College of Law (PGCL)  presents to you a  Panel Discussion on ‘Cyber Security and Surveillance: Emerging Trends’ as a part of the Conclave on ‘Global Peace and Security’.
• Panelists:
1. Mr. Nandkumar Saravade (Former CEO, ReBIT)
2. Adv. Puneet Bhasin (Cyber Lawyer)
• Opening Remarks:
Mr. V. P. Raja (Chairman, PCGT)
• Day & Date: Saturday, 9th April 2022
• Time: 09:00- 10:30AM
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