Prestige Institute of Management & Research Indore is a well established institute of Madhya Pradesh, established in the year 1994 and accredited with NAAC “A++”. DOL is a popular acronym to the Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management & Research, Indore is an exclusive Institution dedicated to law education both at under graduate and post graduate level. The Institute is approved by, “The Bar Council of India”, New Delhi and affiliated to the Devi Ahilya University, Indore. Its pioneering and ingenious educational experiments have set it apart from other law colleges in city and region. The department derives its potency and ethos from the qualified and dedicated faculties. The college has the unique and proud privilege of intimate association with prominent legal luminaries who regularly conduct colloquium, workshops and training for students despite their hectic schedules and preoccupation. The Institute provides a lifetime experience along with various amenities and facilities like international level moot court for budding global lawyers, legal aid cell, legal awareness camps and global e-library with direct access to national and international journals, books, working papers, legal search engines etc.


Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management and Research stands as one of the fastest emerging college during these unprecedented times. Since its very inception, a debate drastically improves one’s linguistic and logical skills, along with the ability to construct strong arguments in a short amount of time, which is paramount in this world with cut throat competition. We are proud to announce that we are organizing the 2nd edition of the Padma Shri. Dr. N.N. Jain National Debate Competition, 2021, to be held from June 18 to June 20, 2021. This debate will be based on the Lincoln-Douglas debate format i.e. one on one debate in order to promote individualism amongst contestants. Having successfully organized 1st National Debate Competition, this edition speaks of our efforts that aim at improving the whole experience by ensuring that the teams are met with a challenging issue based on contemporary and developing aspects of Law. This second edition of this competition will be conducted via virtual mode, allowing the students to hone their debating skills. The competition strives to provide a safe platform for students to grow and experiment with their communication skills and critical thinking. 


  1. This competition is open to all bona fide undergraduate and postgraduate participation from colleges across India. Maximum three teams (of individual) can participate from each college. 
  2. This competition is open to all bona fide school students from the schools across India. There is no restriction on the number of student participants from each school.

* Important Note: There are two parallel competitions, school students will compete against school students and Graduates and Post Graduates will compete against each other. 

Topic of Debate:

Primary duty to protect the health of Indian citizens should rely on the centre. 

Registration Fee & Guidelines

  1. The participation fee is 

– INR 250/- only (Two Hundred Fifty Rupees Only/-) for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

–   INR 100/- only (One Hundred Rupees Only/-) for School Participants.

  1. Participants can make payments over G-pay/Paytm/Phonepe or through online banking;
    • G-pay Number: +91 93029 91132
    • UPI ID: gurtoo999@okicici
    • Bank a/c details:
      Account Number: 185901502249
      Account Holder Name: Ritupriya Gurtoo
      Bank: ICICI
      Branch: Vijay Nagar Indore
      IFSC Code: ICIC0001859
  2. Registration fee once paid is non-refundable.
  3. After making the payment the participant is required to take a screen shot of the payment and then attach receipt in the google form.

Registration Process: 

  1. The participants are required to complete “Registration” through this Google form link annexed below which shall be done on or before June 13, 2021, 11:59 PM IST.

Link to registration form:

For school students:

For UG/PG students: 

  1. The participant can fill in the following form provided through this link and upload the screen shot of the payment in the form.
  2. Please ensure the form is filled with your full name as should be reflected in the participation or merit certificates.
  3. Proper email-ids must be provided in the event of any correspondences to be made.
  4. A copy of your college ID (for graduates & post graduates) / school ID (for school students) must also be uploaded in the google form for verification purposes.

Structure of the Competition

The Competition shall comprise of 4 stages;

  • PRELIMINARY ROUNDS: 3+1 minute to speak. End of 1 minute (Single bell), end of 3 minutes (Double bell) and end of 4 minute (Time Up). 

Rebuttal 1 minute each.

  • QUARTER FINALS ROUND: 4+1 minute to speak. End of 1 minute (Single Bell), end of 4 minute (Double Bell), end of 5 minute (Times Up). 

Rebuttal 2 minute to each team. 

  • SEMI FINALS ROUND: 6+1 minute to speak. End of 1 minute (Single Bell), end of 6 minute (Double Bell), end of 7 minute (Times Up).

Rebuttal 2+1 minute to each team. End of 2 minute (Single bell) and end of 3 minute (Times Up).

  • FINAL ROUND: 9+1 minute to speak. End of 5 minutes (Single bell), end of 7 minutes (Double bell), and end of 10 minutes (Times Up).

Rebuttal 3+1 minute to each team. End of 3 minute (Single bell) and end of 4 minute (Times Up).

Rules of the Competition:

  1. Each round will have a same topic and the topic shall be released beforehand to provide preparation time for participants.
  2. The medium of debate is strictly English.
  3. The participants must maintain professional decorum at all times throughout the competition. Use of abusive or profane language will immediately disqualify the participant.
  4. The participants must ensure sound internet connection and in the event of any disruptions another chance shall not be provided.
  5. In the event there has been a technical glitch or internet issue from the organiser’s side whole responsibility shall be ours and will do the needful.
  6. Any sort of malpractice or doubts that malpractice might have happened will lead to disqualification.
  7. Participants are advised to use laptop or desktop. In the event of non-availability of both, mobile phones may be used.
  8. The student will have to maintain a distance of one meter minimum from the laptop or desktop.
  9. The participants must use earphones and ensure that they are in a closed and silent space without background disturbances while the competition is in progress.
  10. While a participant is speaking all the others are requested to keep their mics on mute and un-mute only when asked to speak.
  11. Individual scores of each round will be released on our website/social media and also communicated to students via email or whatsapp.

Disclaimer: The decision of the Judges and the Organizing Committee of the Host Institute on any issue arising during the competition shall be final and binding.

Awards and Certificates:

For Graduates and Post Graduates:

The winners will be awarded duly.

  1. Winner – INR 10,100 /- + Book + Trophy + Merit Certificate + Legal Internship Opportunity.
  2. Runner up – INR 5,100 /- + Book + Merit Certificate + Legal Internship Opportunity.

For School Students:

The winners will be awarded duly.

  1. Winner – INR 10,100/- + Book + Trophy + Merit Certificate.
  2. Runner up – INR 5,100/- + Book + Merit Certificate.

Every participant will be provided with participation certificate.

Important Dates: 

  • Last date of registration: June 13, 2021.
  • Last date for any clarification: June 03, 2021.
  • Date of Inaugural Ceremony: June 18, 2021 (11:00 AM).
  • Date of Preliminary Round: June 18, 2021 (01:00 PM Onwards).
  • Date of Quarter-Finals Round: June 19, 2021 (03:00 PM Onwards).
  • Date of Semi Finals Round: June 20, 2021 (11:00 AM Onwards).
  • Date of Finals Round: June 20, 2021 (02:00 PM Onwards).
  • Valedictory Ceremony: June 20, 2021 (03:30 PM Onwards).


  1. The decision of the Judges and the Organizing Committee of the Host Institute on any issue arising during the competition shall be final and binding. 
  2. The organizers reserve all the right to alter or change the date, time, rules or the procedure of the competition.  


The marking criteria shall be as under:

1. Content 20
2. Organisation and Clarity 20
3. Preparation & Flow of Ideas 20
4. Use of Arguments 20
5. Communication Skills 20
Total 100


  • Dr. Sunita Arya
Mob. No. +91-9754767666
  1. Ms. Ritupriya Gurtoo
Mob. No. +91-9302991132
  1. Mr. Shubhank Khare
Mob. No. +91-7400752004
  1. Mr. Nakul Singh Chouhan
Mob. No. +91-8989018413
  1. Mr. Kamlesh Jain
Mob. No. +91-8602670701
  1. Mr. Gopal Kag
Mob. No. +91-9993115598
  1. Ms. Aastha Vaishnav
Mob. No. +91-7869915075

  • Devyanee Sharma
Mob. No. +91-9685384567
  1. Mansi Shrivastava
Mob. No. +91-6265326981
  1. Falguni Joshi
Mob. No. +91-7974414731
  1. Sarthak Khare
Mob. No. +91-8871891241

For any queries or grievances, you can mail us at:

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