What is the OpenNyAI Make-a-thon?

The OpenNyAI Make-a-Thon is an 8-week-long online challenge bringing together engineers, technologists, lawyers, designers, business professionals and students to create applications that use cutting-edge AI to improve legal services and access to justice.

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Key Highlights of the OpenNyAI Make-a-thon

• Teams will be guided by technology and legal mentors to develop their product

• Grants to the tune of INR 5 Lakhs to the best teams.

• Offer critical support to the winners to reach their highest potential

Registration Details

Please fill out this form to sign up for the make-a-thon. There is no registration fee. Last day to register is July 15, 2022.

Important Dates

July 15, 2022: Registration Closes

July 16, 2022: On Boarding Call

July 22, 2022: Proposal Submission

July 28, 2022: Announcement of Shortlisted Teams

September 11, 2022: Pitch Day


The Make-a-thon is open to all adult Indian citizens including students. You may register individually or as a team. If you register  individually, we will pair you with other individual participants and form a team for you. Each team must include at least one member with a background in technology and  one member with a legal background. This is open to all lawyers, engineers, designers, professionals and college students.

About OpenNyAI

OpenNyai is a mission aimed at developing open source software and datasets to catalyze the creation of AI-powered solutions to improve access to justice in India.  The OpenNyai Mission is democratizing access to high quality training datasets, AI models and a community of experts and innovators. Apart from five founding collaborators – EkStep, ThoughtWorks, Agami, National Law School Bangalore and Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies, OpenNyai is now a thriving community of lawyers, technologists, and policy professionals among others.

Contact Information: Please contact for more information.

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