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The current state of world affairs are extensively being shaped by both armed and nonarmed conflicts. The war in Ukraine and rising tensions in Taiwan strait are especially two main events that are determining current strategic competition and co-operation of this era. In an era in which diplomacy and means of co-operation have evolved enormously, why is war still viewed as an option? Are wars rationale? If not, What conditions prompt nations to go to war? Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Why did deterrence against Russia fail? If China were to invade Taiwan, what considerations might prompt it to do so? At the same time, what can possibly deter China from taking over Taiwan?

Rationality of war is a comprehensive one week lecture series that addresses the key question of ‘Why do wars happen?’ or ‘Why do states chose to go to wars?’ using game theory as a framework of analysis. The workshop enables young minds understand not only the underlying causes of war, but also help them think strategically. The workshop is a honest attempt to filter down the root causes of military conflicts to general public, especially the youth, as democratic public must be educated and informed on rationality of war as they are the ultimate consumers and producers of conflict.

In a series of 7 lectures spanning over a week, the series addresses concepts such as basic game theory and conflict of interests, issue indivisibility, pre-emptive wars and preventive wars, the doctrine of offensive defense and the science of Balakot air strikes, A game theory analysis of Russia Ukraine conflict and game theory analysis of China’s greyzone strategies.


  • Undergraduate and Post Graduate students in Political Science, Law, International Relations, Economics, and Social Sciences can pursue this course. UG students will be preferred over PG/Masters candidates.
  • The course is not meant for Ph.D candidates or working professionals.
  • High school students in their 11th and 12th standards are also encouraged to apply.
  • Basic understanding of 6th-10th math is suggestive though not necessary.
  • The maximum intake shall be 50 students only.
  • Applications shall be accepted after reviewing. Interviews shall be taken if necessary in the process of selection of the candidates.
  • Candidates must demonstrate interest in the area of IR and Strategic Studies.

Features of the course

  • The course includes a series of 7 lectures centered around Rationality of war using game theory analysis.
  • All the lectures are delivered online only via zoom platform
  • End of the workshop, candidates will be able to understand the central puzzles of war and decision making and will also be able to build their own models based on game theory.
  • IFPD shall provide books, material and literature on the subject in form of pdfs and web sources to enhance your understanding in the area and for further readings.
  • All the lectures shall be conducted in the evenings only between 6:00PM IST – 9:00PM IST excluding Sundays, where lectures are scheduled both in morning and evening.

Acceptance and course fee

  • Accepted candidates shall be notified and sent the details of the bank account via mail.
  • The fee for the workshop is 1500/- INR (Including GST).
  • The last date to transfer the amount is August 29th, 2023

Certificate and Recognition

  • A minimum of 80% attendance is essential for receiving certificate.
  • All the candidates complying with the attendance requirement shall receive the certificate of appreciation by end of August 2023.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Applications open on – August 02nd, 2023
  • Last date to apply for the workshop – August 25th, 2023
  • Date of communication to the accepted candidates – August 26th, 2023
  • Last date to make payment for the workshop – August 29th, 2023
  • The timeline of the workshop is from September 01st 2023 – September 07th 2023.

Other Details

  • Candidates shall comply with the rules and regulations of the programme and follow the instructions directed to them.
  • Candidates shall be disqualified and a notice shall be sent to their respective institutions in case of any misbehavior or malpractice.
  • IFPD reserves the right to reject any application or disqualify any candidate in case of any misbehavior.
  • For any other details, write to or Contact the undersigned.

Application Link: Fill in by August 25th, 2023

Contact Info

Ms. Yogitha Jammula
Managing Director
Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD)
Mobile – +91 78422 24509 (whatsapp preferred)

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