About the Course

The application of Game Theory as a tool to analyze various phenomena in International Relations and Conflict has now become one of the most useful methods in decision making. Defined as a study of “strategic interaction”, game theory is concerned with the analysis of how decision makers interact in a given strategic environment. This branch of mathematics is now applied almost in every filed including economics, Public Policy, International Relations and conflict, warfare, evolution and biology, Artificial intelligence, Law, Telecommunications, Psychology and criminology, medicine, among others. The application of Game Theory in International Relations and Conflict explains various dynamics of global geo-politics that underscores how international players respond in a given situation. The present course tries to incorporate various facets of International Relations from the World Wars to recent global developments, to explain the nature of international relations and decision making in Foreign Policy. It includes basic facets to understand decision making, bargaining in Warfare and rationality of War, role of International Organizations etc and Game Theoritical explanaitions to some contemporary strategic developments including Afghanistan and rise of Taliban, Rise of China, and Russia-Ukraine War to help young minds think strategically.

About Global Policy Insights (GPI)

Global Policy Insights (GPI) is a Centrist Policy Institute with a vision to equip Governments, Policy Makers, NGPs and diverse actors within the sphere of International Development with the tools required to nurture Good Governance practices and promote sustainable development. In the presence of a rapidly evolving international political economy, it is crucial for these actors to navigate through dynamic circumstances and adopt comprehensive strategies to stimulate and catalyse inclusive socio-economic growth through local, regional, national and global perspectives. Thus, GPI partners with and serves governments, universities, local and multinational communities, and corporate throughout the world to deliver innovative unions of research, advisory, design, deliberative enquiry, and consulting services


  • Undergraduate and Post Graduate students in Political Science, Law, International Relations, Economics, and Social Sciences can pursue this course. UG students will be preferred over PG/Masters candidates.
  • The course is not meant for Ph.D candidates or working professionals.
  • High school students in their 11th and 12th standards are also encouraged to apply.
  • Basic understanding of 6th-10th math is suggestive though not necessary.
  • The maximum intake shall be 50 students only.
  • Applications shall be accepted after reviewing. Interviews shall be taken if necessary in the process of selection of the candidates.
  • Candidates must demonstrate interest in the area of IR and Strategic Studies.

Important Dates

  • The applications shall be open from July 04th, 2023
  • Interested candidates must fill the Google form –
  • Last date to enroll for the course is July 18th, 2023
  • Accepted candidates shall be notified by July 19th, 2023
  • The last date of making transaction for the course fee is July 22nd, 2023
  • Maximum intake shall be 50 students.
  • All the lectures shall be conducted in the evenings only between 6:00PM IST – 9:00PM IST.
  • The course includes a total of 10-12 lectures, to be delivered online by renowned practitioners in the field.
  • The timeline of the course is from July 25th, 2023 – August 15th, 2023

Acceptance and course fee

  • Accepted candidates shall be notified and sent the details of the bank account via mail.
  • The fee for the course is 2000/- INR (Including GST).
  • The last date to transfer the amount is July 22nd, 2023

Certificate and Recognition

  • A minimum of 70% attendance is essential for receiving certificate.
  • All the candidates complying with the attendance requirement shall receive the certificate of appreciation by end of August 2023

Other Details

  • A detailed timeline of the date, day and time of the lectures shall be provided upon acceptance and payment by the candidate along with confirmation of payment and login details of the gmeet / zoom platform.
  • Candidates shall comply with the rules and regulations of the programme and follow the instructions directed to them.
  • Candidates shall be disqualified and a notice shall be sent to their respective institutions in case of any misbehavior or malpractice.
  • IFPD reserves the right to reject any application or disqualify any candidate in case of any misbehavior.
  • For any other details, write to or Contact the undersigned.

Application form –

(Fill the application by 21st July, 2023)

Download Game Theory Workshop Brochure Here  –   Game Theory Course 2023 PDF

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