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Law Zest is a legal platform with a strong vision & definite goal of amplification of legal knowledge providing radiant conception and insight into variety of fields of law with an aim to stimulate, encourage and nurture your capabilities. Our goal is to work on Laws and to ensure that lawful information permeates to every person out there trying to know about the legal world. The most unique people in the world are those who fully embrace themselves and thrive to do more for the bit they want to achieve as an individual. Accepting different choices is what that makes you different from others.


This is the first edition of Law Zest National Online Debate Competition. The competition aims at inculcating a healthy debate culture amongst students and preparing them to defend what they truly believe in.

The competition will be judged by a panel of eminent jury members and we hope that through this platform, students get another activity to exercise their brains and maintain the spirit of education despite being locked inside their homes.


  • The competition is open to all the students pursuing an undergraduate course in any registered University.
  • By applying for the competition, the teams shall be deemed to have accepted the rules, terms and conditions of the competition as stated in this document.
  • Students shall submit a formal photograph after registering for the competition.
  • There is no bar on the number of participants from an institution/university.


  • PRELIMINARY ROUND – Topics allowed for debate through video entries are-:
  • Payment of tuition fees amidst the pandemic.
  • Social media is a cause of increasing depression among the youth.
  • Euthanasia should be banned.
  • GPA’s: Is it an outdated way of evaluating student’s knowledge?
  • Sabrimala Verdict- Progressive or Threat to traditions.
  • Are men silent sufferers in this modern world?
  • All students should have an after-school job or internship.
  • There should be an equal ratio of male and female employees in the workplace.

The above are few topics which you can choose. Although we’ve no bar regarding topics from your side. Video entries can be on any topic by speaking about either of the motion.

  • NEP – A step towards advancement of the education standards.
  • Is PM CARES a public authority or not?


  • Videos submitted must be recorded with a good quality camera.
  • The resolution shouldn’t be blur and audio qualityshouldbe clear & distinct .
  • You’re supposed to prepare just for or against the motion. No need to speak for both sides.
  • Videos shall be not more than of 3 minutes.
  • Mode of sending videos will be via Whatsapp or Google form. In case of any other modes contact us before sending them.


  • Last date of registration: 12thAugust 2020.
  • Last date for sending video entries: 16thAugust 2020
  • Semi Finals: 20thAugust 2020.
  • Finals: 24thAugust 2020.
  • Results shall be declared on the 24th of August after the completion of the event.
  • Certificates & Awards shall be given to the participants/winners by the 30thAugust 2020.


  • The competition will be conducted in the Lincoln-Douglas debate format, i.e. one on one debate.
  • It will be divided into 3 parts, namely :
    • PRELIMINARY ROUND (video clip)
  • The participants will be required to prepare for both the sides – FOR and AGAINST and their stand will be allotted to them 30 minutes prior of the debate through draw of lots for the final & semi-final rounds.
  • Finals and Semi-Finals will be conducted ONLINE through GOOGLE MEET Details and information concerning every round will be shared through Email & Whatsapp by the committee.
  • There will be 1 Adjudicator and 2 Teams and few members of the Organising Committee in a meeting room.
  • Each candidate will be allowed 4minutes to talk about the topic and 1 minute will be allotted for rebuttal. Which gives them a total of 4+ 1= 5 minutes (Per speaker time).
  • Medium of communication for the debate competition will be English only.
  • Proper Attire is compulsory.
  • At any point of conflict, the decision of the organizers would be final and binding.
  • The organizers reserve the right to alter or change the rules or the procedure of the competition.


  • Use of foul language or use of any written document/chits/any other source during debate will result in disqualification of the candidate.
  • Candidates are required to have a proper internet connection failing which will result in the disqualification of the candidate.
  • If a violation of the rules is believed to have been committed by a team or one of its members, the Organising Committee may in its own discretion, upon its initiative or complaint from another team or assessor, impose a penalty or disqualify the team.
  • Once Registrations are done, no changes in names will be possible and the amount paid will be non-refundable. However, in exceptional circumstances, if a change is inevitable it might be made at the discretion of the organizers.


  • The marking criteria for PRELIMINARY ROUND (video clip) shall be as under:
1 Likes on video(Instagram)* 20
2 Content and Structure 20
3 Communication Skill and clarity 20
4 Flow of Ideas 20
5 Relevance of Argument 20
  TOTAL 100

* For Preliminary round video will be uploaded on Instagram page of organization.

  • The marking criteria for FINAL and SEMI-FINAL shall be as under:
1 Content and Structure 20
2 Communication Skill and clarity 20
3 Flow of Ideas 20
4 Relevance of Argument 20
5 Rebuttals 20
  TOTAL 100

A High Court Lawyer will be the Chief Guest & Judge for the event.


Step 1-

Step 2-

  • Each participant is required to pay Rupees 150/- as the registration fee which is to be paid through online or NEFT transaction.
  • NEFT Details:

Account Holder Name: SOMYA SUMAN

Account Number:- 917979761318

IFSC Code: PYTM0123456


Branch Name: NOIDA

UPI: 7979761318@ybl

Paytm Number: 7979761318

Google Pay Number: 7979761318

Phone Pay Number: 7979761318

Step 3-

  • Download the payment receipt. Take a screenshot and upload it on the Google form.
  • Submit the registration form. You shall receive a confirmation email on completion of the process.
  • The deadline for registration is 11:59pm, 12thAugust, 2020.


Winner- INR.1000 + 25% discount voucher for publication in JLSR journal +10% discount voucher in KATOG courses (A unit of KATOG EDU LLP)+ 25% off on any future event of Law Zest.

Runners up- INR.600 + 25% discount voucher for publication in JLSR journal +10% discount voucher in KATOG courses (A unit of KATOG EDU LLP).

Best Speaker- A Merit Certificate + 25% discount voucher for publication in JLSR journal +10% discount voucher in KATOG courses (A unit of KATOG EDU LLP).

Top 5 will get 25% discount voucher for publication in JLSR journal +10% discount voucher in KATOG courses (A unit of KATOG EDU LLP).

All the participants will be awarded E-certificates for participation. Separate certification will be for candidates who reach up-to 2nd Round.


Name Contact details
SOMYA SUMAN 7979761318
ZEESHAN HASAN  79033 53698
Email Address

If at any point you face any discrepancies please contact organizers of the event. ‘We are at your service’


Get geared up for experiencing the Debate Fest!!  Best of Luck!

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