Kartavyam’s moto is to promote and protect the Rule of Law. In the present time, people have forgotten the need and the importance of the Rule of Law. We at Kartavyam came together with an aim to build a society, where the utmost importance and authority is given to the Rule of Law. We believe, if the Rule of Law is protected then socio-legal issues like discrimination on any ground, human rights violation, minority rights, animal welfare, climate justice, communal hatred and violence and many such issues can easily be resolved.

To build a society where people are aware about their fundamental rights, where they know that everyone is equal in front of the law and nobody is bigger than the law itself. A society where people genuinely understands the importance of the Constitution of the land. A society where unity and integrity is promoted and protected, and finally where equity, justice, liberty and fraternity is valued

We are looking for law students for this internship (any year). We’ll be working on issues like human rights, animal rights, climate justice, and many more. Apply before 14th October 2020.

Brochure : Click Here

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