About the Organization 

Katcheri is a platform for various Law students to be updated with the current happenings in the Legal fraternity including law schools. Apart from this, also aims at developing legal thought process which influences socio-economic life. It is a medium through which you can ace your communication skills. We keep you refreshed with the most significant data in the field of enactment that will sharpen your legal apprehensions and will make you mindful of the lawful world from a closer wardrobe.  

We ensure that we acquire the data at a quicker pace and help you to make your future incredible. 

 About the Internship 

Following would be the tasks that the interns will have to accomplish:- 

  1. The interns will have to send  4 articles of 700 words minimum in the duration of a month. 
  2. Case law analysis which would involve procuring details such as landmark judgements, latest reforms, enactments, amendments or any other relevant information related to the case. A time span of 48 hours will be provided and 2500 words maximum. 
  3. Expanding the base strength of , which would include the interns bring more students to our Katcheri groups.  
  4. The interns will have to promote the courses and CFPS promted by
Who Can Apply? 
  • Bright undergraduate students of law- 5 years program ( BA LLB/ BBA LLB)  and also  3 years program (LLB). 
  • The students must have the relevant skills and interests to be an elite part of this internship.
  • Sincere availability of the candidates for a duration of 4 weeks for the work from home. 

From boosting your resume gaining real-world job experience, having the privilege to be a part of this internship would grant you the following bonuses:- 

  1. Setting aside these daunting goodies, a certificate of internship shall be furnished after the end of this tenure. This certificate is bound to bolster one’s CV.
  2.  40 percent off for additional publications if they want to publish more than 1 only if he/she gets min 3 enollments for our online courses 
  3. 15 percent off in online courses of, lawportal’s online courses.
Span of Internship 

The internship would last for 4 weeks, commencing from 15th April. 

Application Procedure 

To apply to be a part of this internship, mail your brilliant CVs to 

Contact Info

Mail at in case of queries.

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