World Cyber Security Forum  is an online platform that is providing peer to peer techno legal professional services for the netizens who have been the victim of cyber crimes and other cyber related issues across the globe. We consider this as our duty  to kindle the people in order to safeguard their life and give them safe and secure digital space. In 2019, WCSF has developed a “Cyber Awareness Programme” and decided to come up with various online learning resources. That’s why we have numerous things where we are actually trying to help various people across the globe by providing world class training to them related to this domain. 

We have bifurcated the relevant  resources into various short term courses and workshops for the audience so that they can grab maximum out of it. Please read further to know about our workshops and courses:


We are currently offering  four courses :

  1. Introduction to Cyber Laws {3 Months}: Under the syllabi, we will be covering various basic aspects of the cyber world along with terminologies, their legal implications and various other crimes along with their prevention. Ideal for all those who are looking to go for a basic start. 
  2. Introduction to Cyber Security {3 Months}: This course is ideal for those who actually wanted to learn the basics of technology to secure them and their near and dear ones from various frauds and attacks.  
  3. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights {3 Months}: This is designed, keeping in mind those people who wanted to learn the basics of IPR for themselves, their businesses or wanted to start their career in it.  
  4. The Information Technology Act, 2000 {2 Months}: This is ideal for practicing advocates, lawyers, in-house counsels, data protection experts and privacy experts who have knowledge of law or technology but want to learn the core statute. 

Training Workshops 

We are offering three workshops. Following are the description: 

  1. Two days online workshop on Cyber Hygiene: This will cover a basic structure of cyber laws and it’s related laws. The session will be recorded and content will be provided. 
  2. Two days advanced level workshop on Cyber Security: This will talk about the various computer and cyber related crimes and how one can combat them or save themselves from it by using simple techniques and methods. The session will be recorded and content will be provided. 
  3. Four days workshop on IPR: This workshop will contain the basics of IPR Drafting starting from Copyright to Patent, Trademark and Technology Transfer Agreement. The recorded sessions will be provided.  

Additional Benefits

  1. Live Sessions of the weekly classes will be concluded with query sessions. {Only applicable for courses}
  2. Course Material will be provided.
  3. Exclusive Half Yearly Membership of WCSF free for all. {Only applicable for courses}
  4. E-Certification of Merit or Appreciation for all.
  5. 20% discount on digital publication for all. {Only applicable for courses}
  6. 20% discount on other related courses for meritorious students. {Only applicable for courses}
  7. Internship opportunity with WCSF for meritorious students. 
  8. One free personal session on career guidance and interview tips sessions for meritorious students. {Only applicable for courses}
  9. Guidance on Research Paper and Blog Writing will be provided. 
  10. Chance to become the core member of WCSF. 

 Fees Structure 

As it’s diwali week, we have decided to offer a discount of 60%. Please check the prices of the courses here: 

Please use code: “DIWALI60” to avail the discount. Please use the below mentioned payment details for payment. Offer valid till November 15, 2021 only. 

We are offering an additional discount of 10% to WCSF members only. 

If you wanted to opt for membership plans, please check: 

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Whatsapp/Telegram: + 91 9315049547 


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