Course starts from 6th November, 2021
Course duration: 1 month
Registration procedure:
Fee: 700/-
Payment method:

Paytm – 9792154419
Gpay – 9792154419

UPI- 9792154419@paytm
Account No.- 919792154419

IFSC- PYTM0123456

Beneficiary – Trivickram Jee

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Features of the Course:
  • Daily live classes
  • Recording of classes
  • Daily practice MCQ (S)
  • Complete coverage of CrPC
  • Special focus on judiciary exam
  • Certificate of completion to all
  • Class material
CrPC Topics to be covered-

1. Object, Extent and Scope

2. Constitution of Criminal Courts
3. Police, Prosecutors, Defence Counsels, Prison Authorities
4. Pre-trial Proceedings—General Observations
5. Pre-trial Procedure: Steps to Ensure Accused’s Presence at the Trial
6. Pre-trial Procedure: Arrest, and the Rights of the Arrested Person
7. Pre-trial Procedure: Search, Seizure and Production of Materials
8. Pre-trial Procedure: Investigation by Police
9. Local Jurisdiction of the Courts and the Police
10. Cognizance of Offences
11. Commencement of Proceedings Before Magistrates
12. Bail
13. Trial Procedures: Principal Features of Fair Trial
14. Trial Procedures: Courts and Parties
15. Trial Procedures: Charge
16. Trial Procedures: Some Common Features
17. Trial Procedures: Disposal of Criminal Cases without Full Trial
18. Trial Procedures: Preliminary Pleas to Bar Trial
19. Trial Procedures: Trial Before a Court of Session
20. Trial Procedures: Trial of Warrant Cases by Magistrates
21. Trial Procedures: Trial of Summons Cases and Summary Trial
22. Trial Procedures: Special Rules of Evidence
23. Judgment
24. Review Procedures: Appeals
25. Review Procedures: Revision
26. Transfer of Cases
27. Execution, Suspension, Remission and Commutation of Sentences
28. Preventive and Precautionary Measures
29. Proceedings for Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents
30. Miscellaneous Provisions
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