About NLUJ

National Law University, Jodhpur is a public law school and a National Law University established under the National Law University, Jodhpur, Act, 1999 enacted by the Rajasthan State Legislature.

About the Seminar

The seminar is being held to promote an enriching discussion and discourse on the contemporary issues in the field of constitutional law. It is intended to encourage comprehensive research and understanding of the evolution of Constitutional issues over time. It will impart and expand the knowledge of students and scholars on various issues and a critical understanding of the same.

It will be held virtually on CISCO WEBEX platform.


  • Gender Equality and Constitutional Reforms
  • Democratic Governance and Political Justice
  • Socio-economic Rights as pathways to inclusivity
  • Boundaries and Changing Perspectives on Judicial Activism
  • Transformative Constitutionalism

Eligibility Requirements

  • Academicians, advocates, researchers, and PhD scholars in the field of law are allowed to participate.
  • The seminar is not open to undergraduate law students or LL.M. students

Submission Guidelines

  • Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts that reflect the core argument of the
  • paper in clear terms with a maximum of two authors per submission.
  • The abstract shall be within 300 words. At least five keywords must be highlighted.
  • The abstract shall contain the names, email addresses and designations of the authors.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Font: Times new Roman
  • Font size: 12
  • Alignment: Justified
  • Line space: 1.5

How to Submit?

Registration Fees for Seminar

The registration fees for the seminar shall be Rs. 1,000 payable on the acceptance of abstracts

Submission Deadline

August 14, 2023

Important Dates

  • Call for submissions: 25th July 2023
  • Deadline for abstract submissions: 14th August 2023
  • Announcement of accepted abstracts: 16th August 2023
  • Deadline for manuscript submission: 15th September 2023
  • Communication of acceptance of manuscripts: 18th September 2023
  • Seminar and Paper Presentation: 23rd and 24th September 2023

Contact Information

In case of any query, please contact: or,

  • Himanshi Yadav: +91 88249-58039,
  • Jayam Jha – + 91-89697-30696

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