Purpose of The Competition:

  • By furthering academic discourse, facilitating conversation and increasing discussion around sociologically important topics.
  • By contributing towards the goal of increased access to education to the students from marginalized communities. Towards this end, 100% of the amount obtained as registration fee from this Competition will be used to sponsor the training/education of IDIA trainees.


  • Eligibility:
    1. Category 1 – School students (class 9-12 standards)
    2. Category 2 – Undergraduate college students
    3. Both categories will be allotted different topics to write upon
    4. Co-authorship is not allowed
  • Topics for The Essay:
    1. Category 1-
      • Gender stereotypes in classrooms/education system
      • Should housewives be compensated for their household work?
      • Crimes against women in India – An analysis of the current scenario in India along with policy suggestions to improve the status quo
    2. Category 2-
      • Gender stereotypes: An analysis of their existence in today’s modern society, or a comparative study of the past and present (what has changed, what hasn’t) in the context of law, politics, education, etc.
      • “Women: Creating, Doing, Leading”
      • Sociological analysis on the reasons behind the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields.
      • Should menstrual relief benefits be made mandatory in the interest of women in India? If yes, provide suggestions for its inclusion as a legislative mandate.
  • Competition Fee:
    1. Participants are required to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 150/- each.
    2. Mode of Payment: Participants can either Paytm or Google Pay the fee amount to:
      • Gpay – praveena.kan@okaxis (Praveena)
      • Paytm – 8890253685 (Pooja)
  • Contact Info:
Pallavi Diwakar (LAAC, Co-convener)7905034356
Praveena NS (Deputy Team Leader, IDIA Rajasthan Chapter)9959235575
Pooja Dhamor (Deputy Team Leader, IDIA Rajasthan Chapter)8890253685


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