About PGCL

Pravin Gandhi College of Law (PGCL) is a premier law institution under the aegis of Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal (SVKM). It is affiliated with the University of Mumbai and offers a five-year integrated law program – B.L.S., L.L.B. 

In its endeavour of commitment to excellence, it seeks to provide an environment for interdisciplinary exchanges and adopts blended learning models that effectively combine the theoretical and the practical aspects of the law.

About CLPRS 

The Constitution of India is the fountain head from where all others laws derive their very existence. As such, a sound theoretical & practical understanding of the laws of the land would be incomplete without a comprehensive understanding of the working of the Constitution of India.

The Constitutional Law & Policy Reform Society (CLPRS) is PGCL’s student-led organisation which provides a platform for all individuals to develop, foster and disseminate interest in Constitutional Studies. The Society strives towards coming up with innovative policies and law reform recommendations rooted in Constitutional principles.

About the Essay Competition 

Keeping in mind its aim to foster further Constitutional studies, CLPRS is conducting a National Essay Competition on Constitution Law. Participating authors are required to adhere to the belowmentioned topics and submission guidelines.


Authors may select any ONE of the following topics for their essay:

  1. Criminalisation of Marital Rape – Women’s  Rights and Bodily Autonomy
  2. Evolution of the Nature of State Surveillance during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Analysing the Changing Definitions of Privacy
  3. Laws governing Digital Assets – A Comparative Study
  4. Ambedkar’s Three Warnings on Democracy


All students pursuing under-graduate (three/five year) or post-graduate law degrees from any law school/university/college recognized by the Bar Council of India are eligible to participate in the Essay Competition.

Submission Guidelines 

Authors are required to strictly follow the following submission guidelines:

  1. The essay submitted should be of at least 1200 words, but not more than 2000 words.
  2. Essay submissions are to be made on:  
  3. Subject line of the e-mail submission to be in the following format: “CLPRS Essay Competition 2022 Submission – ‘Name of the Essay’ – ‘Full Author Name’”.
  4. Submission e-mail is required to have attached the essay in the following formats: (1) Word Document and (2) PDF.
  5. Only one submission per author or a team of co-authors is permissible. In case of more than one submission, only the one received first would be considered for review.

General Instructions 

  1. Co-authorship of a maximum of TWO authors is permitted.
  2. The essay must be the original and bonafide work of the participating author. 
  3. Authors are required to follow the following formatting guidelines:
    1. Name of the submission file is to be in the following format: “’Title of the Essay’ – ‘Author(s) Name(s)’”;
    2. Font Type: Times New Roman;
    3. Headings, Sub Headings: Font Size 14, Bold, Underlined;
    4. Content: Font Size 12, Normal;
    5. Alignment: Justified;
    6. Line spacing: 1.5;
    7. Margins: Normal;
    8. Style of citation: Endnotes; Indian Law Institute (ILI);
    9. Endnotes: Font Size 10; Line Spacing 1.

Registration Procedure

Authors are required to register themselves using the attached Google form link attached below to confirm their participation. 

Link for registration – 

Submission Deadline and Review

Last date for registration: February 14, 2022 by 11:59 PM

Last date for essay submission: March 7, 2022 by 11:59 PM

Declaration of results: March 14, 2022

Results and Awards

The best essays on each topic will be published on CLPRS’s blog and concerned social media platforms. The winners shall be contacted on the day of result declaration i.e. March 14, 2022. 

Click here for CLPR’s Website Link:

Contact Information

For any clarifications, kindly:

Call the Student Co-ordinators: 

Veera Gandhi +91 75064 09878,

Deepanjali Mishra +91 96533 44599 or

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