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About the GK Academia

GK Academia is an online platform which aims to disseminate general awareness and assist students in their preparations of different examinations. It is being run and managed by the like-minded aspirants for our fellow aspirants. We have a huge question bank for the students and will soon be launching our Youtube channel and a full-fledged website to impart general knowledge. GK Academia’s utmost objective is to give the best possible qualitative knowledge of various subjects and relevant topics. We are dedicated to helping out aspirants in their journey to success by providing easy and quality content. 

About the Quiz

GK Academia has planned to organise a series of GK quizzes which includes CLAT and other quizzes. We would be happy to help out students who are preparing very hard by giving out cash prizes on very nominal entry fees. We are organising two-test series, which are mentioned below:-

  • Three tests will be conducted under this series.
  • It will be a comprehensive paragraph based test.
  • CLAT Quiz 1 will include passages from January to February.
  • CLAT Quiz 2 will include passages from March to April.
  • CLAT Mega Quiz 3 will include passages from May to July.
Schedule of the tests:-
  • CLAT Quiz 1  –  18/07/2020 (Saturday), 6:00 PM
  • CLAT Quiz 2 –  22/07/2020 (Wednesday), 6:00 PM
  • CLAT Mega Quiz 3 –  25/07/2020 (Saturday), 6:00 PM
Total Number of Passages:-  
  • 7 Passages in CLAT Quiz 1 and CLAT Quiz 2 respectively. 
  • 10 Passages in CLAT Quiz 3.
Time Allotted:-
  • 15 minutes for CLAT Quiz 1 and CLAT Quiz 2 respectively.
  • 20 minutes for CLAT Mega Quiz 3.
Mode of Quiz: 
  • Online
Registration Fee:
  • ₹35 – CLAT Quiz 1 
  • ₹35 – CLAT Quiz 2
  • ₹50 – CLAT Mega Quiz 3
  • ₹100 – All CLAT Quizzes
Last Date of Registration:
  • CLAT Quiz 1 – 16/07/2020, 11:59:59 PM
  • CLAT Quiz 2 – 20/07/2020, 11:59:59 PM
  • CLAT Mega Quiz 3 – 23/07/2020, 11:59:59 PM
Other Law Entrance Test (OLET) Pattern Test Series
  • Three tests will be conducted under this series.
  • It will be an MCQ based test.
  • Quiz 1 will include current affairs from JANUARY to FEBRUARY.
  • Quiz 2 will include current affairs from MARCH to APRIL.
  • Quiz 3 will include current affairs from MAY to JULY.
Schedule of the tests:-
  • Quiz 1 – 28/07/2020 (Tuesday), 6:00 PM
  • Quiz 2 – 31/07/2020 (Friday), 6:00 PM
  • Quiz 3 – 5/08/2020 (Wednesday), 6:00 PM
Total Number of Questions:
  •  50
Time Allotted:
  • 15 Minutes
Mode of Quiz: 
  • Online

Registration Fee: 

  • ₹35/ Test
  • ₹90 – All OLET Series

Last Date of Registration:

  • Quiz 1 – 26/07/2020 (Sunday), 11:59:59 PM
  • Quiz 2 – 29/07/2020 (Wednesday), 11:59:59 PM
  • Quiz 3 – 03/08/2020 (Monday), 11:59:59 PM
Guidelines for Registration

Registration Links: 

Note: Payment should be made through online mode only. You are requested to take a screenshot of the payment receipt, which should later be uploaded on our google form during your registration. 

Registration Fee can be paid through Paytm on 9988904330

Payment Details

Ritik Mahajan
Phone pe:
No.- 8352077101

Shalini Dutta

Google Pay:-
No.- 8352077101
Gpay UPI-

BHIM UPI- 8352077101@ybl

Prizes and Certificates
  • 1st  rank- Rs. 500 +  e-certificate of excellence
  • 2nd rank- Rs.300 + e-certificate of excellence
  • 3rd rank- Rs.150 + e-certificate of excellence
Important Guidelines
  1. The quiz will be a multiple choice question based and shall take place online through Google forms.
  2. Each correct attempt will carry one mark. There will be no negative marking.
  3. The participants must submit the quiz on time. Objections concerning connectivity or technical issues will not be entertained.
  4. In case of a tie, the person who submitted first will be given the priority while determining ranks.
  5. The decision of the Organisers shall be final and binding in relation to any matter/dispute connected with the competition.
Contact Us

In case of any issue or help, please contact us at 

Shiv Dutta on 8360008937  (Available on WhatsApp)

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